Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sunday Stealing Gives Me a Feeling!

It must be Sunday because I'm answering the Sunday Stealing questions from "How Far Will you Go" stolen by our fearless leader, Bev!

1.    What was the best toy you ever owned? Wow! I had a monkey when I was a pre-schooler and he had a tiny banana in his hand . . .and I chewed that banana up! I loved that monkey. When I was a little bigger, I learned to ride a bike and we rode bikes all of the time all over the neighborhood. I even had a calico cat, Missy, who loved to ride in the basket on my bike. As an adult, my toys are more sophisticated. I love my Apple Watch and I love my Silhouette.

2.    When in your life have you felt the loneliest? I worked at AT&T before our children were born. They were born at 34 weeks and I had been put on bed rest two weeks or so prior to their birth. They were born on November 18 and beginning in December through February of that year, I lived through some of my loneliest days. I had two preemies who had to eat every 1 1/2 hours, my father-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so Mark was trying to be in both places, and I had not cultivated new friendships.

3.    What is your strongest emotion? I want to say joy, but I think my personal strongest emotion is probably anger. Wow - that sounds really bad. Also, I'm not sure I'm reading this question correctly nor answering it correctly.

4.    When were you the most disappointed in yourself? I'm a number one on the Enneagram so I have an inner voice telling me what I've done wrong all of the time . . .so I probably disappoint myself on a daily basis.

5.    Which law would you most like to change? I'm going to answer this one in a silly way - not with a deep answer. Could we please change speed limit laws? I've talked about this before. I need those speed limits to be suggestions :-). I also need those driving below the speed limit to get a ticket :-).

6.    Who is the person you have hated the most in your lifetime? I can't answer that on my blog. Let me just say that it took learning that hating someone only hurts me. The other person could care less. This person that I'm thinking about did something really bad. I don't hate easily because I actually believe in lots of love and grace.

7.    What has disappointed you the most? Probably myself -- see #4. Actually, my former brother-in-law disappointed me a lot. He had an affair and left my sister after 30+ years of marriage. I had always thought he was a man of integrity. He actually walked me down the aisle when Mark and I married. We were close. I was very disappointed in him and his actions.

8.    What's the best possible attitude toward death? Love and live while we are alive so that we have little to no regrets when we die. As a Christian, I believe that I will be with Jesus when I die, so that sounds pretty good.

9.    What's been the longest day in your life? Recently, the longest day of our lives was the day our newest granddaughter was born. It was a rough day.

10.  What is the biggest coincidence in your life? I don't have that many relatives and a year or so a lady joined our church and it turns out that our grandmothers were sisters! Pretty cool! I'm sure this isn't the biggest coincidence, but it is all I can think of today!

11.  What's the oldest you'd like to live? My mother-in-law is in her late 90's and has lost most of her memory. I want to live a long and healthy life - both physically and mentally. I don't have an exact age of what that would be.

12.    Who is the most amazing woman you know personally? I've been blessed to know many amazing women. My mother-in-law is one of those women. In all of the pictures below, she is over 90 years old.

These girls are 4 1/2 and 8 now so this
was just a couple of years ago.

This was a few years ago, but even in her 90's
she was making homemade birthday cakes for
her children - she made 3!

I think she was 96 in this picture at the beach

13.    What was your best experience in school? I loved school and had lots of great experiences. I experienced fun trips. I was in the All State choir. I was in the Color Guard in high school. I was in the National Honor Society. I was a part of an active youth group at church. Now at 65, I'm also enjoying school again and I've had some great professors who have been so very kind!

14.    What's the most meaningful compliment you've ever received? I'm going to have to think about this. I'm not sure. I guess it would be when someone has noticed something I've done and mentions it. I'm always a tad embarrassed by compliments and also, due to that nagging voice in my head, I often discount compliments. One that was very meaningful was a comment/complement from my Sociology professor. She told me that she was really going to miss reading my various writings!

15.    What is the most you've spent on something really stupid? I'm sure I've bought some stupid gadget that I'm no longer using. I bought a baseboard cleaner and used it once or twice. I try not to make stupid purchases that cost a lot!


  1. I think you are reading the emotion question correctly. I'm pretty hard on myself as well, even about things long past.

    1. I can beat myself up mentally for months . . . sometimes years.

  2. Great pictures of your mother-in-law! My mother died at 102 and had Alzeimers. No way I want to live long enough to (a) lose all my friends to death, and (b) lose my memory!

    1. Thanks! She has outlived most of her contemporaries and I guess it is a good thing that she doesn't realize that.

  3. I put anger for strongest emotion too but because it is one of the only ones where I can't help myself. It is a pure emotion that just appears and you can struggle to subdue it.




    1. I struggle to subdue it, too. It is better now than when I was younger.

  4. I think many of us are (unfairly) hardest on ourselves. But whatcha gonna do?
    Your Sociology professor's compliment is so touching! It reminds me of a nearly 40-year old note from my writing instructor who penned something similar. I still keep that among my personal papers.

    1. I was very touched by her compliment. I'm so glad you saved your note!!

  5. You found a long-lost cousin! That's terrific. It sounds like the birth of your children was a very hard time for you.

    1. It was a very hard time but we made it through. I think it is pretty cool about the cousin, too!

  6. If we lived closer, I would come grab that baseboard cleaner from you to give it a try!! LOL You answered these well. I opted out today! Have a good week ahead!