Sunday, March 3, 2024

How can it be March - Sunday Stealing


1. What (if anything) are you doing to celebrate St Patrick's Day? I imagine I wear green that day. In the evening, I might make us a cup of Irish coffee!

I made this Irish Coffee

2. What is your least favorite color (to wear, to craft with or to decorate with)? Chartreuse was my first answer but when I looked it up to verify spelling, I read that Chartreuse combines the vitality of green with the optimism of yellow. I love that so I guess I’m going to pick another color. I don’t particularly like purple – lavender is ok and our daughter’s bedroom was painted that color many years ago (her pick). I don’t think I’ve ever decorated with purple before except for Mardi Gras or maybe Lent??

3. At a yellow light - do you speed up or slow down?? Nine times out of ten, I speed up!

4. How many pairs of scissors are in your craft room? I would guestimate that I have at least 20 pairs of scissors.

5. What are the first three items you have 'saved for later' on Amazon? I don’t think I have anything saved for later on Amazon right now. This morning I ordered Airborne. I have a tendency to just buy rather than save for later.

6. Did you plant any springs bulbs in your garden and if so, have any of them come up yet? At this house we do not have any spring bulbs planted BUT right now, in Alabama, spring bulbs are blooming – tulips, etc.

7. What book, if any, are you reading right now? I am reading Last Night by Luanne Rice. I just finished reading Swamp Spies by Jana Deleon (her newest in the series).

8. Do you prefer ball point pens, gel pens, or thin tip markers to write with? I love a good pen. I use a particular one at work and I always keep a couple of boxes because my boss likes them, too. I cannot remember which brand.

9. What is your favorite crafting item - the craft item thing you use the most or can't live without? (Exclude basic items like scissors and glue). I love good paper! I try to keep a good selection. I have a Silhouette and love it (when I have more time). Our granddaughters both love to craft, too. I should have bought stock in Scotch tape – they can go through a roll in about ten minutes.

10. What are the first 3 items on your grocery list and what is your favorite grocery store? Diet Pepsi in cans, Diet Pepsi in bottles, Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale are usually my first three things. Since covid, I use Shipt A LOT and I usually use Target because there is no extra mark-up. I also like Publix and The Pig (Piggly Wiggly).

11. What unfinished craft projects are you working on (or not:) at the moment? Last weekend, granddaughter #1 and I made these cute paper ducks and I have the supplies for the rabbit. Below are screen shots from Instagram. I forgot to take a picture of her finished duck last week.

12. What was the last item you pinned on Pinterest? Or hearted on Instagram – I actually just logged on to Pinterest to see! Last year, I pinned a ton of things for the house. Here is something I pinned and here is how it turned out.

pinned this one

Here are ours

13. What is the biggest tourist attraction where you live? We are a foodie town with some good breweries so people sometimes come to eat and drink. We have a decent baseball stadium and team and so people might come to see a game. The SEC baseball championship will be played here again this year so people will come for that. The permanent thing is Vulcan. I wrote about him here. (The picture of me was 50+ pounds ago. I get discouraged that I still have weight to lose and then I see an old photo and realize how much weight I have lost!)

14. What color is your favorite sweater? I don’t like sweaters and rarely wear them. I have several favorite sweatshirts – a dark green one is my current fav.

15. How does your family react when you get a big pile of mail? I’m the one that would react. I love mail. 😊


  1. I was cleaning the dining room in anticipation of a card (hearts) party this week and came across a packety of construction paper. it was very old, as it costs under a dollar from the long defunct K-Mart, and the wrapper was old-fashioned, but the paper itself was crisp and vibrant!

  2. I don't "craft" really, so this was hard.

  3. I passed on this one because I haven't crafted anything in years. I really like your chick and bunny!! Have a blessed week ahead!

  4. We own a disgusting amount of pairs of scissors also but mostly because when Ash helped my parents clean out my grandpa's house, he only took useful things. Pretty sure we inherited seven more pairs.