Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Granddaughter #1 is EIGHT!

How does time pass so quickly? When did 8 become almost a grown up? Our oldest granddaughter celebrated her 8th birthday a few days ago and we've been celebrating for a couple of weeks.
Her parents allowed her to pick the menu on her actual birthday and her daddy told me that she picked pork tenderloin, rice with pink sauce (I'm guessing Polynesian sauce from Chick-Fil-A but I need to verigy), and dumplings (as in Chinese dumplings).

The next day, she had her "big" party at Defy. It is a really cool place and she loves to do all of those things!!

Here she is in motion jumping into a ball pit.

Here she is swinging -- not just by herself -- but a duo.

She was getting ready to do the zipline below.

In the middle of the zipline, she decides to flip upside down.

They also have trapeze swings so of course she did that.

Her party room theme was Taylor Swift!

She had cupcakes with all of the Taylor Swift photos.

She opened her gifts and thanked everyone.

Here is the whole group -- all girls and one boy, who is her bestfriend since birth.

Here we are with her -- Gran and Pops, we are!

We celebrated on Sunday with the extended family.

Pastry Arts is a bakery here and they make baby bites.
If you are ever in town, stop by and buy a few.
They are expensive, but they are so good.

Happy birthday sweet girl! Gran and Pops love you so much!!



  1. Cute photos. Looks like she had a great celebration. Happy 8th Birthday!

    1. Thank you! We definitely had fun celebrating her!

  2. Such a fun birthday celebration!! They sure have fun places for kids these days. We had skating rinks and bowling allies - nothing like that!! What fun!

    1. When I was growing up, I had one surprise party given to me by friends -- sweet sixteen. It was the first birthday I celebrated after my mom's death and the mother of friends hosted a sweet 16 party. It was at their house. I dont' think I ever had anything other than family parties besides that one. We have a great church gym so we had several parties for our kids there. We also did Chuck E. Cheese and Laser Tag and one of those places where you paint pottery. It has definitely changed!