Sunday, March 10, 2024

A few of my favorite things . . .not necessarily!

 I am not good at favorites. I have a hard time picking one thing over another. I'll give Sunday Stealing a go . . .

1) What is your favorite thing about winter? I want to say that I don't like winter. It is not my favorite season. I do love cozying up by our fireplace! I love the holiday decorations - technically Thanksgiving isn't in winter or Halloween but we get a fun run of holidays from Halloween through Easter.


2) What is your favorite winter sport? It doesn't get cold enough here in Alabama for winter sports. Actually, there is one place in northern Alabama where we have a ski slope but it usually has fake snow. I guess that place is still there. I haven't heard anyone talk about it in years.


3) What is the best winter treat? A great big glass mug of Irish Coffee


4) What is the earliest time in the year it ever snowed where you live? We only have a huge snow about once every 20 years. One time we did have snowflakes on Halloween. If it snows here, it normally makes the ground white for a few hours and then melts and we move on. We didn't have any snow this winter. One of our "what we call a blizzard," which is snow enough to shut us down for several days was very near April Fool's Day. I think our weatherman calls those "generational snowstorms" or something like that . . .because we get so few.


5) What is the best way to stay warm in the winter? I love to wear a hooded pull-over soft sweatshirt. I really don't like long sleeves nor coats so it is a good thing I live in Alabama. As I mentioned earlier, I love sitting in front of our fireplace.


6) What are your favorite things that are paper? Money is my first answer! Seriously, I do love good paper - writing paper, drawing paper, crafting paper - you can tell the difference when you use good paper.


7) What are your favorite things that are cotton? 100% cotton t-shirts are always the softest.


8) What are your favorite things that are leather? I have some leather boots that are really pretty.


9) What are your favorite things that are floral? For some reason, I thought we were doing favorite winter things and it just dawned on me, that this is broader! I love when the forsythia starts blooming here. I love spring tulips. I carried rubrum lilies when we got married and they are beautiful.


10) What are your favorite things that are wood? Trees? Actually, trees and I aren't friends right now because they are causing havoc with my sinuses. I have a friend who says that during this time of year, "the trees are having sex." Yes, yes they are.


11) If you think your house is haunted, what should you do? I'll have to answer this one with more questions. Pray over it? Ask the hauntees to leave? Hire a priest to do an exorcism?

12) When should you investigate a strange noise in your basement? NEVER! hahaha! Seriously, in this house we don't have a basement.


13) How do you know if an abandoned building is safe to visit? I'm assuming the only way I would be visiting an abandoned building would be if a real estate agent or some other professional was with me and surely they would know whether it was safe. Actually, I just can't even see myself going into an abandoned building!


14) How do you decide whether to solve a problem as a team, or split up and go it alone? I like to try solving it alone first and THEN if I can't solve it, I ask for help (go team!).


15) Where do you store your knives and where would you look if one was missing? They are stored in a drawer in the kitchen. If one was missing, I would love in my office at work. There is actually one on my desk. I've been eating a Cara Cara orange every day and I left one of my smaller knives at work for easier access to the deliciousness.


  1. I wish I wasn't allergic to citrus. I used to love oranges, long ago when I could eat them.

    1. A good orange, especially in winter, is like a "bite of summer" to me!

  2. There was an old joke I heard. How do you spell snow removal in Alabama? TOMORROW. (Presumably it melted away...)

  3. Now I'm wanting an Irish coffee! Laughing out loud about the trees having sex -- but now I'll never forget that.

    1. You are so right -- once you hear it, you can't forget it! haha!

  4. Irish coffee - lovely.

    Money - good answer for the paper question. We seem to be 90% cashless now in the UK and Europe though.




    1. We are mostly cashless here, too. I am almost always cashless but my husband still prefers to have a little cash on hand.