Monday, March 25, 2024

Random Photos

I actually have lots of exciting things to write about soon . . .but for today, here is a photo dump and a little bit of life lately.

Our neighbor and good friend and traveling buddy, Lu, is doing the 26 mile Trailblazer to raise funds for the Make-a-Wish foundation. I think this is her third time to do it. It is a hike through the woods, over limbs, hills, etc. for 26 miles! She is three years younger than me so I think this is very impressive. She had a fundraiser at the Casual Pint and we went. Mark had her grandson in his lap and they were looking at the photo book from a previous Make-a-Wish trip.

The above was my dinner which I shared. It is my favorite thing on their menu. It is THE BEST pretzel I've ever eaten. It has sausage and cheese and beer cheese and coarse grain mustard.

Mark loves a good beer and they have a drink I like, too.

One of our young adults has been traveling a lot for his job. He brought candy from Japan. The one on the right is a freeze dried strawberry dipped in chocolate. The one at the top is strawberry kit kats!! The bottom bag contained regular kit kats.

This is a random photo of the new backdrop at the Welcome Center at work. I spend several hours every Sunday and every Wednesday night at this spot.

We have several friends who make the desserts each week for our Tuesday night group of Young Professionals. Isn't the bunny bark cute? It is white chocolate melted with all sorts of things added. The young adults loved it.

More to come on this later but this was two weeks ago. Our daughter had pre-eclampsia. Mark and I took a turn spending a day and night with her that week.

We both got to hear baby Lucy's heart beat!
We've been burning up I65 and passing each other - one of us going south and one of us going north.

I will do a separate post soon on Laura and baby Lucy.


  1. Bunny Bark! What a cute idea! Prayers for Laura and Lucy! Do keep us posted!! I enjoyed my visit here today!

  2. That pretzel dish looks amazing. If I knew where I might find those pretzels (???) I'd sure make this.

    1. I haven''t tried this recipe BUT I think it might work -- . . .or Target has these in freezer section and I think Walmart has a similar