Monday, March 11, 2024

Ten on the 10th . . .oops! Ten on the 11th

 I'm joining up with the ten on the tenth gang . . .but I'm running a day behind. Our prompt is to talk about our favorite green things -- ten green things. Some of these are true and some of these are just fun answers. They are not in order of any kind.

1. Money . . . we always call it green but as I was taking that photo I realized that dollars aren't very green! The money has a green seal and some green numbers but the rest is sort of gray!

2. I have several green dresses. Green looks good with my "coloring." 

3. Speaking of "coloring," I like my eyes - they are green and become more green when I wear green.

4. I love a lot of green vegetables.- broccoli, roasted asparagus, roasted brussel sprouts, green peas, green beans, lettuce, cabbage. My husband and son and granddaughter do not like broccoli.

5. I've always loved Kermit the frog, too!

photo from the internet
creator John E Barrett

6. I love a good margarita! I even love 100 calorie margaritas.

photo from the Target website

7. Mark and I both love Ireland and it truly is green.

8. I love avocados and I make the best guacamole!

9.  I like Peter Pan . . .and I saw his costume just last week!

10. I love Christmas trees . . .and the tiny leaves on plants right now in Alabama.

What about you? What are some green things you enjoy/love/maybe even hate?

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