Friday, March 29, 2024

Here is another photo dump!!

If you haven't figured it out yet . . .I've blogged a lot this week because I have spent two days and nights with our daughter in the hospital. More news to come!!

Last Wednesday, Mark went to the farm. He texted me this photo from the dock on the lake. It looks so peaceful.

I have written several posts about how much I love sunrises and sunsets. This was a sunrise last week. I took the picture from our front porch. Isn't that spectacular?

This is such a weird photo that I had to share. We live in a suburb of Birmingham, AL. There  is a farm right in the middle of a neighborhood and I drive by it most days. They were having a piece of farm equipment dropped off DURING RUSH HOUR and they had the intersection blocked all the way around. They finally moved and I scooted on by.

Isn't this picture cool? It was at sunrise on another day. I think the rays are so cool!

I was playing with portrait mode on my phone and took some photos of these cute Easter decorations. I've had them a long time.

I love the church - the sign says "Every bunny welcome."

We had our son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter #1, and our friend, Wynn, over for dinner. While they all went for a golf cart ride, I made clues for the Easter eggs and hid them for granddaughter #1 to find.

We had a great meal. Mark picked up steaks at Costco and he and Glenn grilled them. Glenn and Lauren brought the salad kits. I roasted some yellow squash and onions. Wynn brought twice-baked potatoes. Since we were still in granddaughter's birthday week, we used hot pink plates on a teal table cloth.


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  1. Love the sunrise pic! I find that when I am stressed or in times of turmoil, I tend to appreciate those kinds of things more.