Sunday, January 29, 2017

Look! There's His Butt!

I think I picked a winner of a title for this blog post!!  Especially since either my sister or I . . .or possibly both said words very similar as we started walking through the parking lot.  We may have even used the word "heinie"!!

My sister was in town for a week and I get off early on Fridays . . .and the sun was shining . . so we decided to do something outside.  Vulcan has been an iconic part of Birmingham for a long time but I haven't been in years and years - maybe since I was in the church youth group!!  You can read all about the history of Vulcan here.

It was truly a gorgeous day.  These are the ONLY pics we took during her whole trip!!

It was so windy up on top of the hill.

We took pictures of the view of the city.  I live in a pretty city!!

The weirdest thing happened to both of us.  When we were standing below the big guy and would look up, we had to hold onto the hand rail.  It was as if Vulcan would shift in the wind (not!) but it was enough to make you feel as if you were going to fall.  We couldn't decide if it was because the clouds were moving so quickly or if there is some other phenomenon at work!

We took the glass elevator up to the observation deck and Becky had to ride with her eyes closed while I laughed all the way to the top!  I have dragged her into quite a few of these type of situations in our lifetime . . .from roller coasters to Vulcan!  When we got to the observation deck, she hugged the wall while I was hanging close to the edge.  I actually snapped this photo to text to her son!!

Just another snap of the view.

One more view of the big man!

It is really crazy to live in a place with several nice "sight seeing" spots and to never go to them!  I need to make a visit to our zoo and to the Botanical Gardens soon!  Maybe I can take Emma to the zoo soon!!

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