Saturday, January 28, 2017

Gran & Pops & Emma

A couple of weekends ago, our son and his lovely bride celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary with dinner at a "date worthy" restaurant and a night at a local hotel (her brother gives them that wonderful gift every year for Christmas - a night at the hotel where they spent their first night as a married couple!  Clever gift!!).

We were given the pleasure of keeping Miss E overnight and we had so much fun!  The last time we kept her back in November, we were both sick and she had a cold and an ear infection . . .we loved having her but we felt O.L.D.   We were all well for this visit and it made a world of difference!!

Within 30 minutes of her daddy dropping her off, she had to have a wardrobe change due to one of those things that babies do!  Someone (maybe Ann Damsgard?? or Donna Roose???) gave us this cute onesie when she was born.  On the front are the words "all smiles at grandma's" -- this was the first opportunity she has had to wear it!!  She is almost always all smiles all the time!!

When she comes over, I usually drag out some plastic bowls for her to use - she loves playing with them.  She likes to put everything in the bowl and then dump it out.

Later in the evening, we had another (different) kind of wardrobe change due to another one of those things that babies do (do)!  Gran and Pops decided that this one required a quick bath in the kitchen sink.  Since Gran and Pops had no bath toys, plastic measuring cups worked just fine.

We have this great loft area upstairs and we spent time and thought and money decorating it and we haven't used it much until lately!  Downstairs is all hardwood and hard on Emma's knees so when she is here, we've been spending time in the loft on the soft carpet!  I've also been going up there everyday because we moved my recumbent stationary bike up there so the room is finally getting some use!!

I love the way the light is coming in through the shutters around her.  She puts everything in her mouth - every single thing!  How does it taste??

She slept through the night - this baby has slept through the night since she was about two weeks old - she really is a good baby!  On Saturday morning, Pops decided to take her for a stroll around the neighborhood because she refuses to nap if there are things going on in the house that she might miss.  Of course, Gran being the silly Gran that I am, had to document the walk with some pictures!

I think she was trying to help pops buckle her into the seat!!

Mark said that she was asleep within minutes!  After their walk, he woke her because he didn't want to miss a minute of time with her.  She was still pleasant!!

We look forward to many overnight stays with Gran and Pops!  We sure are crazy about this little girl!!

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