Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where the boys are . . .

Actually, I guess it would be "where the boys were."  The boys were on the pier almost the whole week. 
They love to be out on that pier trying to catch some fish.  We had gorgeous weather all week long.  They were able to fish and fish and fish some more.  They caught some.  They never catch as many as they would like to catch.  Most importantly, they got to spend lots and lots of time together.  Mark has missed Glenn so very much.  Glenn did everything with Mark.  If Mark was working in the yard, Glenn was outside.  If Mark went to the farm, odds are that Glenn went with him (once he was old enough).  When Glenn was at Auburn he could meet Mark at the farm.  Needless to say, Mark loved having a whole week on the pier with Glenn (and most of the week with George).  For those of you who don't live with fishermen . . .they get up very early . . .before daylight . . .and go out to the pier to start fishing.  They fish until 9:00 or so and then come in and eat and go to the beach with the family.  While we are sitting on the beach, if they see someone catching something on the pier, they have to get up and walk back up the ramp and walk down the long pier to see what is happening.  They go back out to fish in the afternoon/evenings.  On one trip (last year) they set their alarm clocks and went fishing at midnight.  For most people that is NOT vacation but it is indeed vacation for these three.  Laura, Lauren and I slept and read books and worked on our suntans and Laura and Lauren even went shopping one day.  Big difference in our vacations.  That is why Four Seasons is such a great location for all of us.  We can walk out on the pier and talk to them if we want . . .you know to make lunch or dinner plans or to snap a few photos.  Here are some pics of our guys on the pier.  Pretty self explanatory.

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