Saturday, July 14, 2012

no picture saturday

I remember waking up on Saturday mornings when I was a kid.  We would watch cartoons and eat a leisurely breakfast and then we would clean house.  I remember dusting but I don't think I ever did it to my mom's satisfaction.  I probably wouldn't do it to anyone's satisfaction these days either.  I remember Saturday evenings.  My mom would roll my hair on pink sponge rollers while she watched Lawrence Welk.  This was torture for many reasons.  The show was horrible to a kid and my mom had not shaved her legs yet and I can remember those pricklies sticking in my sides as she held me still with her knees.  Yes, I had a hard time sitting still even back then so she would just clamp her knees on either side of me and hold me still.  I was probably whining while she did it.

Since I've gone back to work, Saturdays are usually a pretty busy day.  I always have a list of stuff that needs to be done.  Sometimes I just sit and look at other people's blogs or look at facebook . . and then I feel like such a lazy bum (like right now!!!)

Mark went to the farm after work yesterday so the cat and I have been here by ourselves and I must admit I have enjoyed the silence.  I have not turned on the tv or any music all day.  It has been pleasantly quiet.  I've heard the yappy dog across the street bark a couple of time.  I heard some thunder earlier today (but we didn't get any rain and the sky is blue).  I heard a lawn mover and a leaf blower.  The thing I haven't heard is the tv or music.  The cat has even talked to me a couple of times.  I'm sure it is very frustrating to him that I have no idea what he is saying.

I've decorated my dining room and set my dining room table (and covered it with a plastic cloth - remember the aforementioned cat?  Not going to take any chances that he might decide the dining room table looks like a good perch.)  Mark's momma's birthday is this week and we are celebrating at our house after church tomorrow.  We are having honeybaked turkey breast, corn (remember that corn we cut off the cob last weekend?  I didn't tell y'all about that, did I?  I posted it on facebook.), green beans and couscous.  I wonder if Mark's momma has ever eaten couscous before????  Alice is going to bring a salad and she bought the present (hallelujah!!!!!) and she is bringing the cake.  We can't bake a cake to even compare to Mark's momma's cakes so we buy a caramel cake every year (some lady in Alabama makes them and you can buy one at the Piggly Wiggly -- one year we ordered a caramel cake from Edgars Bakery which cost at least double the one from the pig but she seems to like the cheaper one better) .  I even made really cute placecards to go at everyone's place (I'll have to take a picture to show later!!). That is another area where I can't compete.  Both Mark's momma and my sister-in-law, Alice, can arrange flowers.  I can't do it.  Maybe I don't want to do it.  But my table is pretty cute - decorated with mason jars and pink ribbon and pink balloons.

Well, now that I've chattered on about nothing - we are going to do something fun tonight.  One of the young women from Trinity is getting married tonight at seven and we are going to the wedding and reception.  The reception is at The Club and a lot of our friends will be at the wedding so it should be fun!!

Oh . . .and if I haven't put you to sleep yet and you are still reading . . .thanks for commenting yesterday.  You made my day!!!!  Lynn, your last meal sounds really good!!  Marietta, I agree.  I think I would want my last meal to be at the beach and you are right - to heck with the calories!!  Daphne, glad y'all love Sol Azteca, too!!  I'm not kidding, y'all really made my day!

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