Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The end -- Last of the pictures from vacation

I really enjoyed playing with my new camera lens while on vacation. I was very far away and was able to zoom in on the end of the pier!!

You CANNOT hang your towels on the railing on the deck at Four Seasons but you can hang them on the porch chairs.  Once again, I have no idea why I took this picture - makes no sense to me.  I can't imagine that I took this picture just so I could post it and tell you about the "no towels on the rail."  Maybe I was trying to focus??  I have no idea at all!!

We had huge waves while we were there (or I guess I should say "huge waves for an Alabama beach."

I just thought that the waves were crashing in quite beautifully so I took a lot of beach/water photos with no people.  I won't bore you with all of them . . .just one.  I thought that the concrete pilings might make a neat contrast to the white sand and blue water . . .really?  Actually, I think I was taking this series of pictures because the high tide was so very high!!

My two guys . . .I love them both!!

This picture brings us to the end of our vacation. We were able to work out a ride for Laura to Mobile at the beginning of the trip. Lauren's mom was keeping their kitty cat so she graciously agreed to let Laura ride with her to Mobile on that Saturday. After lunch that day, Glenn, Lauren and Laura drove on over to the beach and got settled in while Mark and I were at Alice's daddy's funeral on the other side of the state. Laura rode back to Birmingham with us. We had a really nice vacation - so good to be together as a family. Loved pretty much every moment of this year's vacation!!

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