Monday, July 9, 2012

another pinterest find

I made those cute ladybug pretzels and I also wanted to make this fun wreath.  It was very inexpensive to make and I enjoyed it - good attributes of a project!!

You need a straw wreath form.  I have seen them at the Dollar Tree but of course, they were out when I needed one.  I bought mine at either JoAnn's or Michael's.  I did buy my balloons at the Dollar Tree and I bought the U-shaped pins at JoAnn's.

You simply start attaching the balloons around the wreath using the U-shaped pins.  I had to stand my wreath up on the work table because the balloons "fall" one way or the other depending on how you pin them and I didn't want big bald spots on the wreath when I hung it on the door.  I also tried to make sure that my colors were all mixed up -- not a big clump of one color.

I think it turned out quite cute!  It would be great to hang on the door for our birthdays or I could even use it for any fun party decoration.  Just FYI - it took a lot of balloons.  I probably purchased about 10 packs with 25 balloons in each pack and you need the ones that are fairly large.  This project was easy enough that you could purchase the supplies and let your kids (I would guess that a 10 year old could definitely make it) make it as a summer project on a rainy day!!! 

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