Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nothing better than a day spent with friends . . .

On the Saturday of Memorial day weekend, we were invited to the Rush family's lakehouse.  It is on a small lake about an hour north of Birmingham.  Mark has been in the same Emmaus reunion group for many years.  This gathering was for their reunion group and spouses.  This was our second year to gather this way and we had so much fun.  We spent lots of time soaking up the sun and laughing and talking and eating.  (Rhonda always puts out snacks to nibble on while we are down at the water and she had these wonderful spicy flat pretzels that day.  I liked them so much that I bought a bag to take to the scrapbooking crop a couple of weekends ago and now there are several more women who love them!!! -- they are Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps and they are very thin and very crisp and they taste like they have been dipped in a wonderful spicy sauce!!!)

Seems like we always gather at some point in the kitchen.  Every gathering I have ever attended seems to have folks gathered in the kitchen!!

Fred was relaxing by the water.  That giant blue thing behind him was this wonderful floating island.

I was trying out my new camera lens that day.  I had fun zooming in from far away.

I love this picture of Bill.  He has on his hat and this picture just makes me smile!!

Just looking at this picture makes me feel relaxed!!

There was a nice breeze blowing!

Good day with lots of sunshine!!!  As we were leaving to drive back to Birmingham, they were building a big fire in the yard and they were going to make S'mores.  I hated to miss that but needed to get on back.  I've found that I can't stay up too late on Saturday night when I am teaching Sunday School on Sunday morning (oh goodness - that doesn't sound like a middle-aged woman - that sounds like an old woman!!!!)  Rhonda and Bill and their two daughters were wonderful hosts and hostesses and we enjoyed spending time with all of them!!

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