Sunday, July 15, 2012

In memory of a good man

Our vacation started out just a little different this year.  Our sweet sister-in-law's father died and the funeral was on our day of departure.  Our vacation reservations were in one southern corner of the state and the funeral was in the other southern corner of the state.  We left home around 10:00 a.m. and drove to Alice's hometown.  We arrived in time to visit with the family for a few minutes before the funeral.  The church is small - maybe 10 pews or so on each side.  Every seat was filled - shoulder to shoulder - and people were standing around the perimeter of the room and people were sitting in the choir loft.  There were even people standing outside and it was a very warm and sunny day and it was in the middle of the afternoon.  Everyone said such wonderful things about her daddy.  He was a pillar of the church and community.  I wish I had known him better.  (something funny did happen - you know us - something always happens . . .some people had met Mark years ago (20+) and some people had never met Mark before . . .and when people saw Mark and George together or apart . . .well, you can imagine - identical twins . . .)

Isn't the church pretty?


I love the small town atmosphere.  It was obvious that everyone knew and loved and respected Alice's daddy.  He was a leader in that small town and in that small church and I know they will miss him.

We left the funeral/cemetery around 3:00 that afternoon.  I was driving because . . . I get car sick plus we were in MY car.  We drove all the way across a section of Florida.  All day long, from beginning to end, we saw parts of Alabama and parts of Florida that we haven't seen at all or in a long time.  One of the most interesting things we saw (besides shaved llamas . . . or maybe they were shaved Alpacas) was something we saw at a rest area in Florida.  I was so amazed that I took a picture of the sign while we waited our turn.


The rest area had a free car windshield washer located conveniently on the way out of the rest area.  You pulled up and the water came on automatically.  Not only did it clean the windshield but it seemed to cool the car in the heat!!

We drove 395 miles that day and we saw things we haven't seen before but I've never been so happy to see our vacation accommodations. 

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