Friday, July 13, 2012

Mexican food - why do I love thee so?

Not too very long ago, our ice breaker question on a Tuesday night was, "what would you eat for your last meal?" or something like that (oh if anyone younger than 30 is reading this, I have a question - when I took English classes in high school and college, we were taught that a question mark is BIG enough to stand alone and so my question would be, "what would you eat for your last meal"? rather than "what would you eat for your last meal?" - has that changed - see the difference in my quotation marks and question mark???? - crazy question)

Back to the question - last meal - what would I eat?  Those of you who know me well know that I might pick Mexican food.  I love Mexican food.  I love margaritas.  What can I say?  I believe that I could eat a plate of beans and rice every day - especially black beans.  Why is it so hard to get black beans in most Mexican restaurants?  We have one or two in town where you can get black beans but most just have refried beans - I like refried beans, too.  That was a rambling thought.

I have some favorite Mexican restaurants - I love Sol Azteca's salsa and their margaritas.  I love a good taco salad at Cocina Superior.  I love the black beans at La Paz.  I love the grilled chicken breast at Amigo's on Lorna Road.  I love the decor of Iguana Grill.  (I told you that I like Mexican food!!) I've enjoyed the catering from La Brisa which is located at the back of the neighborhood next to us.  But . . .  I love the convenience of Frontera Grill which is just moments from our house.  Laura and Marquise (one of her sweet roommates) and I were eating at Frontera Grill on this night.  It is so nice to have to be able to jump in the car and run to Target or the Dollar Tree and stop at Frontera Grill.  Mark loves their soup.  I almost always get a cheese quesadilla and rice and beans . . . .and a margarita (sometimes a strawberry margarita - pictured below . . .and chips and salsa. 

Oh, by the way, Frontera Grill has pretty cool decor also.  I love the lights hanging from the ceiling.  You can tell from this picture that they need to replace a few strands.  This place is always packed.  I can't believe that there are empty chairs in this picture!  This was back in May, I think.  We also went there for my birthday celebration and it was packed.  There are always lots and lots of kids.  I guess it is a very family friendly, neighborhood kind of Mexican restaurant.  When we were there for my birthday, it was packed and they were short on servers.  Normally, you place your order and your food is hot on the table in less than five minutes.  On my birthday night, it took about an hour.  Waiters were literally running back to the kitchen trying to get orders out.

So . . .my question for you . . .if anyone is really reading this . . .is what would you choose for your last meal? Steak, perhaps? Chinese food? Homemade mac & cheese? I would love to hear from you!!!


  1. Mexican food -- Sol Azteca tonight!
    Daphne L

  2. My Dad's shrimp cocktail and fried shrimp dinner. He and my Mom made this for my B'day supper every year until I was married.

    Lynn L.

  3. unfortunately, i cannot think of what my last meal would be because i love too many meals! i seriously love the firecracker chicken wraps from longhorn even though that is a lame answer. i also love my dad's steaks better than any restaurant's ever. what i do know is that i was taught punctuation goes inside quotation marks, so it's "what would you eat for your last meal?"