Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Labor Day Weekend - Lake

Our daughter-in-law's mother and her friend live on a lake. They were going to be out of town over the Labor Day weekend so Glenn and Lauren invited us to visit them at the lake on Saturday. The drive was less than a hour away. The morning started off cloudy but as the day went along, the sun came out.

Granddaughter #1 and Pops played with Barbies.

They LOVE the jet ski.

She wanted us to see all of her tricks!

This is Riley. She is a German Shorthair and she has the softest ears. Riley is the one who "told" us they were pregnant way back in 2015. They took a picture of her and she was holding a pair of baby shoes in her mouth.

Pops had to get in on the jet ski action.

Before lunch, Wynn joined us and brought the rest of the dog pack. We have Bentley, the only male. He is so handsome and when he looks at me, I think he is going to open his mouth and start talking to me!! 

These dogs love to ride in the boat. We had four giant dogs in the boat with us.

Granddaughter is learning to ski. She is using a ski trainer. It is so cool.

She is so grown up to be only 7!!

It was such a nice relaxing day!


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