Monday, September 11, 2023

10 on the 10th

 Thanks for the prompts for 10 on the 10th!

1. My favorite nine letter word -- one is overjoyed. I want to live a life full of joy so I'm always looking for moments of joy. I saw that Marsha in the Middle, the writer of our questions, said her favorite nine letter word is grandkids. That one is a pretty good choice. I do love our granddaughters!!

2. Song with September in the title: How about September by Earth Wind and Fire? You can listen here.

3. A famous September celebration: I guess it would be Labor Day. I'm sure there are other September celebrations but I'll go with that one.

4. Talk like a pirate day: Well, I guess that is another September celebration! I saw this video on James Spann's page (he is our wonderful weather guy). I love Johnny Depp. This is not Johnny Depp but he is a pretty good pirate! (sorry it is just a screen shot but he is walking down the beach with that same swagger that Johnny Depp had in Pirates of the Caribbean)

5. I guess my pet peeve with September is that ragweed is blooming everywhere!

6. Are they identical? That question stems from back in 1986 when our twins were born. They are fraternal -- boy/girl twins. Someone would stop me at the mall or wherever we were and ask about them. They would be dressed in pink and blue or a dress and not a dress - you get the idea. I would say that one was a boy and one was a girl . . .and people would say, "But are they identical?" Uh no!

7. I loved high school football games. Our house was within walking distance of the stadium and I loved the smells and the sound and most of all, I loved the halftime show!

8. I have no idea who has a birthday in September! I just googled it . . .Beyonce' has a September birthday!

9. My mother's mother was very poor and lived in a tiny house in the woods. There was newspaper stuffed into the walls to keep out the cold. I remember driving to her house and it was an all day journey (pre-interstate). Just FYI - that house is within 10 minutes of my house now! Anyway, I remember sitting on her steps with my two girl cousins - one just a little older and one just a little younger. Granny George gave us a packet of saltine crackers each -- the kind with several joined together. I thought it was so special. Now I'm an adult and I realize she was sharing her meager groceries with us. 

I'm going to tell you another non-September grandparent story. A lady has recently joined our church. I had met her in a shop years ago and when I saw her nametag, I said "I think we are related." She and I both thought it was probably some distant relation. Now she is at my church and we were having a conversation and we realized that our grandmothers were SISTERS. She is not so distantly related after all. This is actually cool because I have very few relatives. She has told me recently that one of her favorite childhood memories was coming to Birmingham and eating my Granny's (my daddy's mother) chicken and dumplings. They were indeed the best.

10. I am clueless about something that contains 9 pieces. I made some cute centerpieces for an event at church yesterday. I had 3 leaves on the bottom, 3 pieces of netting, a pot, and 2 flowers . . That makes 9!


  1. What precious memories of your granny, and how neat to find someone that you happen to be related to!

  2. Good answers to these. I may have to start doing that one.

  3. Great song choice! SMH at that person asking if your babies were identical. Geeze.

  4. I love your nine letter word! There are so many! It seems the identical twin question is quite popular with boy/girl twins! And, finding a new relative that is so close both physically and by relation. That's amazing! I'm so glad you linked up!