Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Gift of an Experience -- Ravioli Class

Our niece had a birthday back in December (Mark's identical twin brother's daughter) and we gave her a ticket to a pasta making class. When I was buying her ticket, I bought one for me, too! We decided that the gift of an experience might be fun. The class was on Saturday morning and it was in one of the restaurants under our apartment! How convenient.

We were each given two cups
of special flour from Italy and
three eggs.

We had to make a volcano and
then we had to make a well
big enough for three eggs.

We each had a dough ball to take

Here is Chef Bernard teaching
the class.

Everyone got to taste a ravioli -
it was yummy!!

They served us lunch which was a small salad and a serving of another pasta with a white sauce with a roll and a tiny canolli (which I brought home for Mark).

At the apartment, I don't have a rolling pin or a scooper or any of the tools needed for making ravioli (which is what we learned) so I tried to recreate a pesto pasta that we ate while in Italy. Note to self - roll the dough thinner (I was rolling with a mason jar) and make the "noodles" shorter.