Monday, December 6, 2021

Weekend recap

Just jumping in here with a weekend recap. I tried to take a few photos to actually document the weekend but NOT A SINGLE PICTURE is really worth anything! I feel silly posting them but since I made an effort, I'm going to run with it. 

Thursday night, we went to see "Into the Woods" at the Homewood Theater. I really enjoyed it EXCEPT it was too long. We were late getting home but I kept reminding myself that we can sleep someday in the future. The young girl with her back to the camera goes to our church. She and the little girl sitting on the floor in front of her did an amazing job. "Into the Woods" is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and he died just a few days before opening night. This theater is owned and run by a friend of ours and we have thoroughly enjoyed our season tickets. Mark had a hard time understanding the song lyrics and the speaking parts because the piano was fairly loud and it was hard to hear the voices over the piano.

I normally work on Friday mornings, but this week I had a quick hair appointment to cover the gray roots. I don't go to a fancy salon but I think Teri does a good job! Her back is in the far right side of the photo.

I rushed home from the salon and quickly changed clothes. Mark's boss of almost 40 years died last week and his funeral was on Friday morning. He was a good man. He was generous. Mark respected him so much.

the funeral service was at his church
and the burial was at a cemetery near
our house. This portion of the service
was military and they played Taps.
That song always gets me right
in the heart.

The funeral was a little like "old home week" because we saw so many people from years ago. I remember meeting some of those folks when we were newlyweds. When our kids were babies we would go visit Mark at the office. Everyone loved seeing "the twins."

This next photo is weird. I had purchased some new booties and wore them to the funeral. I love them!!

Mark had to spend Friday night with his mom and I watched Christmas movies and did laundry!

When Mark got home on Saturday, we headed to the brand new Piggly Wiggly. It is so nice. They have a HUGE wine and beer department. We bought a few things including a filet to grill for dinner.

On Saturday afternoon, we started dragging the tubs of Christmas decorations from the attic. I decorated the mantle.

We went for a late afternoon golf cart ride around the neighborhood.

On Sunday, we got up and got ready and drove to church. Our sanctuary looks amazing during Advent. Our pastor (remember he is my boss, too) preached a powerful sermon. Our Advent series sounds silly because it is oosely based on Christmas Vacation but the first two sermons have been very good.

We go to early worship and after worship, I taught Sunday School - I'm teaching from a book - Underdogs and Outsiders - a study on the untold stories of Advent. The first week was about Tamar and this week we talked about Ruth. After Sunday School, I ran by my mother-in-laws and gave her a quick kiss and hug and headed home to hang the wreaths on the front of the house. Mark stayed with his mom until his brother swapped out with him at 5:00. We had planned to put up our tree last night but Mark needed a break - so he headed out to exercise and I worked on Christmas cards. Mark doesn't usually stay with her on Monday nights but he is back over there tonight . . .so we still don't have up a tree. His sweet momma is having a few bad days and is needing her "boys" nearby.

Next time, I need to take pictures with PEOPLE in the shots but you can't really do that at a funeral and I kept trying to figure out a place where I could snap a photo during live worship on Sunday morning but I didn't want to distract anyone.

What did you do this weekend? Have you seen "Into the Woods"? Am I the only person in the world who doesn't have a Christmas tree yet? (we did buy one but it has been sitting in a bucket of water waiting to come into the house)


  1. No, I've not seen Into the Woods ... but I love live theater! Your sanctuary is magnificent!

    1. I love live anything - theater, sports, concerts, etc. Granted, I haven't been to a sporting event or a concert in years. Our sanctuary is really beautiful. This Sunday is our Lessons and Carols service and we will have strings and orchestra and singers galore along with scripture readings and sermon. That magnificent sanctuary will be alive with the hope of Christ.

  2. I have not seen that play but how fun to know some of the actors!! :)
    My little table-top tree is up. I LOVE your booties!! Deaths are always hard but even more so during the holidays, I think. Sending a hug! xo

    1. We also knew one of the adult actors. She doesn't know us . . . but she sings in our choir at church. We bought a live tree and it wasn't cheap and I don't feel like it is much bigger than a table top tree. We have incredibly tall ceilings so I think it is going to look extra tiny. Thanks so much for the hug!