Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sunday Stealing

 Thanks so much to Bev for finding the questions for us each week. This week's questions were

Stolen from League of Extraordinary Penpals


1. What are your plans for December? I feel like we are taking it one day at a time. My sweet mother-in-law continues to need lots of care. I came home after church and Sunday School today to at least put up a few Christmas decorations while Mark is staying at his mom’s house until 5. I have decorated my mantle (might add some more) and I have hung the wreaths on our two front porches. I put out our two nativities and I have a fun Santa rug and toilet seat cover that I put out in the powder room.

2. How do you celebrate your wins/success? I guess it depends on what the wins and successes are. I’m sitting here trying to think what have I recently succeeded at or where have I had a win? I was the leader of our team for the Bob Goff event on September 1. It was very successful. I didn’t celebrate but I did feel good about using my gifts. I’m a good delegator 😊 and we could NOT have pulled off the event without an amazing team.

I’m on WW and when I have a weight loss, I try to treat myself for every 5 pounds or so by getting a pedicure or by purchasing a new pair of earrings.

3. Are holiday movies only for the holiday season? I only watch most of them during the holiday season. Our favorites are Christmas Vacation and Four Christmases. On the nights Mark stays with his mom, I have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

4. What would you consider a waste of money? I know that I should totally have an answer for this question, but I cannot think of anything. Have you ever noticed that what one person determines is a good use of money might not be the same as someone else’s? Some people are into fancy cars; some people are into fancy clothes; some people are into a fancy showcase of a home; some people have horses – the list could go on an on and just because I might not choose to spend my money in that way doesn’t mean that it is a waste of money. I can’t wait to read what others have written.

5. What do you like to eat for breakfast? I eat a turkey sandwich on Keto bread a lot of mornings. This morning, I had two Morningstar Farms “sausage” patties, a slice of Velveeta cheese, and two pieces of Keto bread. I also love Kodiak waffles (made from mix – I haven’t had the frozen ones).

6. How do you feel about poetry? Poetry is fine. I know I should gush over poetry. That would make me look like a woman of culture, right? I enjoy a good poem but I don’t read poetry often.

7. Are you shy? I think I’m an introverted extrovert or either I’m an extroverted introvert. I don’t think I’m normally shy. I am quiet if I’m the only person I know in a group – I eventually warm up. I am good at making small talk and finding connections between people.

8. Do you take time to reflect on your goals? We have to do a self-evaluation at work once a year and I definitely think about work goals then and I try to check myself throughout the year. I need to firm up my weight goals and get this last 20 pounds off. I should think about that goal before any bite of food goes into my mouth.

9. Something you are curious to know more about – I'm definitely curious about other countries and their cultures – I mentioned this last week – we hope to travel a lot while we are still in good health. I love hearing about how others live. I really enjoy reading other blogs especially those of folks who live outside the U.S. or in other parts of the U.S.

10. Something that makes you feel fancy? It is fun to get dressed up and go out to a really nice restaurant – I always feel a little fancy then. 

11. How are you still handling the pandemic? I’m so ready for it to go away. Mark and I are continuing to live our lives. We wear masks when required and sometimes we wear masks if we are in a crowded place. We are both vaccinated PLUS we’ve both had a booster. I hate to say it but I think COVID is here to stay. I imagine we will get a flu shot and a covid shot every year for the rest of our lives.

12. A close friend you’ve never met in person? I don’t have any close friends that I’ve never met in person. I do comment on another blogger’s posts and she on mine and we have emailed a couple of times. We live in the same state and it would be fun to meet her in person at some point. I think we COULD become friends. Does that even make sense?

13. Do you get in on trends early or later? Later – I finally get on the bandwagon long after everyone else.

14. What is something you do on a regular basis? Brush my teeth – I hope you do, too! Also, I ride my stationary bike on a very regular basis. I’ve been trying to blog on a more regular basis. I talk to my kids on a regular basis. I get my hair colored every 5 weeks! That is on a regular basis!!

15. Do you enjoy spending time with family? Most of the time 😊. Seriously, I love my family and do indeed love spending time with them.


  1. My answer is very similar to yours on #4.
    You nailed how I am on #7 and #13. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

    1. Hope you have a great week! Thanks so much for visiting.

  2. I hope you get to go on your trips. Covid has certain squelched many travel plans.

    1. covid has squelched a lot of travel plans, hasn't it? We were able to go to Ireland in october and I am soooo glad we did!

  3. #7 -- for sure!!! #9? Are you sure you're not my late father's bio child? (LOL) That man dreamed of seeing the world ... really SEEING it, outside the tour company protocol ... and nearly made it before a sudden heart attack took him from us in 1981. I hope we do get to meet for a cup of coffee or a lunch sometime!

    1. I'm glad you recognized yourself in the answer and a friend you've never met in person :-)!! I think I would have loved your daddy! I will admit that I am a fan of EO, the trip agency we use. They plan everything for you and take care of everything but will even allow a group to customize the tour. We are planning our next trip to Israel for 2023 and we are going to add some things we haven't done before.

  4. #7 - I think the term is "ambivert" - I've been described as that but it is more to do with time on your own rather than any form of social anxiety I think.

    #9 - There are similarities between the US and the UK but there are a lot of differences too. The US always suprises me when I go there (not been for a while _ I'll have to look at changing that).



    1. Ambivert - new word! I like it. We've been to southern Ireland but want to visit England, Scotland, and Wales in the next few years. I love how we use different words for the same thing. One of the things that surprised me in October was that I went into a pharmacy and asked for dramamine and was told they were not able to sell it. We were in a gift shop and I asked if they sold Tylenol, and they didn't. In the US, you can buy tylenol and dramamine in a gas station. These are small differences but for some reason, those are the things that I love learning about other places.