Monday, September 12, 2011

You're how old???

Can you believe it? Another birthday post???? This one is for our dear friend, Guy . . .and it was a very special birthday . . .one of those monumental ones that require a party . . .and balloons . . .and fun!!
We gathered in a back room at a new restaurant here in town. The name of the restaurant is Frio en La Paz and I loved their big signs that look like a giant stencil!!  Phella told Guy that Mark and I wanted to try out this new restaurant and that they were going to meet us there. Tricky, isn't she?

Mark and I were the first to arrive (which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows us!!) but we actually had a reason for arriving early. We (actually I) had the balloons. I swear that the ladies at the dollar tree know me by name. I have bought a million balloons there in the last few months!!  Yes . . .we were the first to arrive and I was the first one to order a margarita.  This restaurant has really good margaritas - both on the rocks and frozen.  How would I know that you ask?  I had one of each - yes, I did!!  I enjoyed them very much.
I was trying to snap some photos before the birthday boy arrived. Here is one of Mark and Dave. They look enough alike to be brothers. That is a little freaky - especially since Dave was born on Mark's actual due date. That doesn't make sense, does it? Mark was a preemie identical twin born in August. Their actual due date was in October . . .Dave's birthday to be exact . . .and they look alot alike.  That is sweet little Kim between them.
I'm just an irritant with the camera but we are going to remember all these fun times by looking at the pictures when we are old and can't remember any more!! Here is a cute picture of Laura and Dona.  Thank goodness they love me and will allow me to snap away!!
Here is one of Laura and Dona and Kim . . .and you can see that I am not the only person drinking margaritas that night!!
Our guest of honor arrives - he looks surprised! He did tell us that the hostess said, "Oh Y'ALL are in the back" and he became suspicious at that moment!!
Guy had to greet everyone and everyone had to wish him a happy birthday. There was lots of laughter!!

Lots of hugs and handshakes!!

Here is a picture of our whole group!!  This is our supper club - all 12 of us were able to be present for this special occasion. 

Isn't the back room a cute little room?  The only problem is that there is not an air conditioner vent in the room . . .the owners might have to address that problem before 100 degree days next summer.

Here is the group from the other end of the room.  I love those orange lights over the table!!
Here is a cute picture of the birthday boy and his lovely wife - two of my favorite people in the entire world!!

Last but not least, isn't this so cute?  He tried to give her a kiss and she turned and laughed at that exact moment so it looks like he is whispering "sweet nothings" into her ear!!
Happy birthday to you, Guy! May your next 50 years be filled with joy and happiness!!

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