Sunday, September 4, 2011

is this mark??

No . . .this is not Mark . . .this is George, his identical twin brother. We weren't celebrating just Bill's birthday (if you read yesterday's post). We also had other birthdays to celebrate.
Remember my mother-in-law . . .mother to both Bill and George (and of course, Mark) . . .made a caramel pecan cake for Bill. Look at George's cake. George chose carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Neither of these cakes is from a box, folks. She makes them from scratch.
It was a fun Sunday lunch full of laughter and love!!
Can you see under the cake? There is a birthday napkin . . .we go all out for everyone's birthday - not matter how old you are. We have cake and ice cream and sometimes she (she is my mother-in-law) cooks our favorite lunch (yes, we eat with her every Sunday after church . . .and yes, you are right . . .she is not young!). Sometimes we have balloons and ribbons and birthday napkins. Each life in this family is celebrated. We usually laugh a lot and eat way too much!!

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