Wednesday, September 28, 2011

These guys ARE NOT old!!

A few weeks ago, we were invited to spend the day with our good friends at their lake house. As soon as we arrived, the two hubbies were out on the deck looking at the fishing poles.

The day was one of those spectacular days - the sky was blue, the air was warm yet had a hint of fall.

We spent time riding in the boat and the sun and fresh air felt wonderful.

Mark decided that he needed to ski . . .he usually only gets to ski once a summer and this was his time. He has to make sure that he is not old yet!!

I was pretty impressed!!

Then Guy had to ski also.  He is not an old man . . .he is younger than both of us!!

I love this picture of Phella driving the boat with her hair flying in the breeze.

Guy definitely does not look like an old man in this picture - look at that - he was crossing the wake and he is in the air!!


What a wonderful day - we had so much fun and give thanks for good friends, sunshine, laughter and a day at the lake!!  (oh and Mark gives thanks that he is not too old to ski!! - good thing he doesn't read my blog!)

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  1. Hi Lisa -

    I just had to send you this link:

    This is one of our major donors at the college where I work - our fine arts building is named after her husband and father-in-law. She's now 93, almost 94. She swims every day. She hosted a reception for other donors in her house last Wednesday - and no catering company for her, she cooked everything! She's as nice as she can be, everyone loves her. She is skiing in the ship channel at Port Aransas in this video!