Friday, September 30, 2011

rag wreath

I love to do "crafty" things. All of these years, I've been thinking that when my kids were grown, I would have hours upon hours of time to "craft". What a joke!! I think I am as busy or busier now than I've ever been. One reason is that I work . . .in an office . ..every day but Friday. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my job and the folks I work with every day BUT I need some craft time.

The point of all of that talking about needing some craft time is this - I started this wreath weeks ago and still haven't finished it and I don't foresee(Kristi - are you laughing about me using the word "foresee"?) having time to complete it this weekend.  It is going to be so cute though.  You start with at least two colors of fabric and a metal wreath form.

You begin by tearing (don't cut yet) the fabric into strips that are about an inch wide.  Now you can cut the long strips into pieces about 10 inches long.

This wreath is so simple to make because after tearing and cutting, you simply tie the fabric onto the wreath form.  I did tie each piece with a double knot.

This wreath is going to be so cute. Maybe when I finally finish it, I will post a completed picture.

Oh, by the way, if you are like me and HAVE NOT been lifting weights or doing other arm exercises . . .expect your arms to sore from all of the pulling as you tear the fabric. I think I've discovered a new "upper arm firmer" exercise!!


  1. such a cute and easy idea! i may have to try this next year before football season...

  2. Where did you get the wreath form thing?