Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bill . . .what more can I say?

Mark has three siblings.  Of course, he has an identical twin brother whose name is George.  Mark and George are the oldest.  Then they have a brother whose name is Bill . . he is three years younger.  They also have a sister whose name is Susie . . .but alas, she lives far far away. . .and she is the baby of the family.  All three boys have a birthday in August and we celebrated all three birthdays on the same day.  Bill has Parkinson's so Mark is always quick to do the things that require a steady hand. . . like lighting the candles.  Mark has also always been known as the brother who liked to play with fire when they were kids . . .in fact, he and George burned down a shed in a neighbor's yard when they were just five years old . . .and they had to talk to the Fire Chief!!
You will read more about this in another post . . .but Bill's choice of cake was caramel pecan. Of course, this cake was made by their momma. . . who is not young. Just wanted to make sure that you understood that.
Bill is getting ready to blow out the candles.  I'm sure that we were singing our very off key rendition of Happy Birthday.  We really sing it worse than any other family :-)
I love owning a camera that is fast enought to catch someone in "mid blow" - that sounds weird . . .but you know what I mean. Our old little digital camera would take so long that the candles were out, the smoke was gone, etc.  In this picture, you can even see that some of the candles are still glowing!!  Oops - sorry this is a post about Bill . . .not about my camera.
The next two pictures are so funny to me. Mark's momma also made homemade icecream . . .the kind where you cook the custard . . .and remember she is not young. Anyway, the Elliott family eats the largest bowls of ice cream that I have ever seen in my life. I would say that their average bowl of ice cream is probably four scoops!! Mark served Bill's ice cream and had it delivered to him with a gigantic serving spoon instead of a regular spoon.  Mark is such a jokester . . . our kids call him, "Jerk Benny."  So what does Bill do?  He starts to eat from the giant spoon.
He doesn't just start to eat with the giant spoon. He is able to get that whole spoon into his mouth!!!  We were all laughing so hard!!  Way to go, Uncle Bill!!

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