Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Help - I have to escape - they won't let me goooooo!!

This post needs very few words . . .but since it is my blog, I'll add a few!! You may remember way back when, and old man cat adopted us. His name is snuggles bonesaw elliott . . .don't ask. We call him Snugs or Mr. Snug or snugger bugger or all sorts of things. He really is an old man and this summer he got very sick and almost died . . .and so now, he has to stay inside. He can't take the heat.  I'm not kidding.  It was really pitiful.  He had to have an IV and everything and we felt like really horrible cat parents.  You would think that he would like to stay inside but that darn cat is determined to spend as much time outside as possible. Did I mention that in order for him to stay inside more, I have to take two allergy shots a week? Yes, we love this cat. So . . .what story do these pictures tell?  

Well, Snugman knows how to knock on the blinds when he wants to go outside. Our blinds are nice expensive wooden blinds and we don't want him knocking quite so often. We have built all sorts of "fort like" devices trying to keep his inside.

Have I mentioned that he is an extremely LARGE cat? I don't know how long he is from nose to tip of tail . . .but I know that he is very long and he weighs about 12 and a half pounds. He jumped up on the chair, which is bar stool height, so that he could reach the blinds . . .so that he could knock. He is knocking fairly politely at this point.  I imagine he is thinking, "they know I want out.  I always get my way.  She will open this door any moment."  But instead I grabbed the camera.

I obviously didn't get up fast enough . . .I was trying to take his picture - what can I say? He is knocking more vigorously at this point.  Now his thoughts are probably something like, "I want to go outside - NOW!!"  Don't you love our attractive blocking device?  We do move it when "company" comes over.

In this picture, I imagine he is thinking, "HEY people - where are you? I want out!!! You are not moving fast enough!!!" He stretched out to his full length/height (?) and knocked again. It looks like he is even trying to jiggle the door knob.  But alas, he had to stay inside. Such a hard life for an old man kitty cat!!!

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  1. I recognize that pose-- ears back means he's really serious with his request to get out. Poor thing! My baby is an inside cat but I do open my bedroom window so she can get some air every morning. You are a good cat mom! ;)