Sunday, February 13, 2011

turkey calls

I know this picture looks like I'm "spying" and I guess I am "sneaking" more than "spying." Who knew that as a middle-aged wife and mom I would be sneaking around with a camera?? Anway, it is a gorgeous day here today - high of 65 (remember we just had snow!) and the skies are blue and the sun is shining. I'm inside baking cupcakes and making brocoli casserole for Tuesday night's study . . .Laura is sunbathing (yes, in February!) on the deck . . .and Mark? Well, Mark went out on the deck with Laura and it is turkey season (I think it has already started). Mark wants to go turkey hunting in two weeks so he was practicing his turkey call. (If you've never heard a turkey call . . .it is sort of a piece of steel wool scratching across a surface - sounds a little like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!!) Lo and behold, "something answered." Which is really funny because yesterday I told Mark, "it sure would be funny if you called up a turkey in our backyard. If you do, yell at me because I want to take a picture!!) Sorry to disappoint you . . .it wasn't a turkey . . . it was our new neighbor!! A young couple moved next door to us in the last year and I met them when they first moved in because I took dinner over one night. I don't think that Mark has ever really met them before today. I looked through the kitchen window and saw this . . .so I grabbed the camera and sneaked back over and snapped through the window. Then I walked outside and asked Laura, "Is daddy making new friends in the neighborhood??" I think that Mark has found a new friend!! (he has no idea that I took this picture or posted this so don't ask him about it! haha!) I love it. Both Mark and I have never met a stranger so this is pretty cool that they have connected over turkey calls!

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