Wednesday, February 16, 2011

something profound . . .

I wish I had something really profound to type . . .isn't that weird? Sometimes I read other people's blogs and think, "Wow - what a life" . . . or "Wow, their lives sound so much more interesting than mine" . . .the list of thoughts goes on and on. I guess in reality, I live a pretty simple life - very blessed - but simple. I get up in the morning and have a diet pepsi and some prayer and devotion time. When I'm in my "good" stage, I ride the recumbent bike. Everyone else (that would be Mark and Laura!) gets up and we all get ready to go to work. Before work, I do things like empty the dishwasher and put a load of laundry in the washing machine. I drive to work (with a stop along the way for another diet pepsi or two).

I am so lucky because I love my job and the folks with whom I work. (really - I do!!!! - I cannot believe that I GET to come to work each day) I teach Sunday School every Sunday and I facilitate a young adult study on Tuesday nights (and cook dinner for them). We are in a supper club with five of the most wonderful couples you could imagine and enjoy spending time with them at least once a month. We have other church friends with whom we adore spending time. We attend church and Sunday School every Sunday (house rule - the only excuse for missing church is because you are throwing up or have a fever :-) and we eat lunch with Mark's family at my mother-in-law's house every Sunday after church.

On a larger scale, Mark and I are both involved in the Emmaus community and we usually work one walk (or so) a year and so we usually have meetings for several Saturdays and a long weekend away at Camp Sumatanga.

I love to scrapbook and sew but have done neither in several months!!! My claim to fame is that I was living with twins when I met Mark who is an identical twin and then we had twins (and I had twin aunts) - so I'm a twin magnet!!

Actually, I do have another claim to fame - I was the first runner up in a beauty pageant . . .way back in the day. The pageant was sponsored by the Birmingham Civitans (or maybe the Kiwanas) and it was called, "Ironman Ski Queen." Are you laughing yet? The civic group hosted a ski jump competition each summer at East Lake Park (which is unbelievable to me now - but it worked back then). I was young and cute and working at South Central Bell and my boss told me about the pageant. There was an interview portion and a sportswear portion and a bathing suit portion to the competition. I'll never forgot the question they asked me in the interview portion, "What part does God play in any male/female relationship you have?" To be honest, those were my wilder days but I still knew the right answer to that one!! The "Ski Queen" and I were showcased at the event. We rode in the speed boat and did the little fancy wave that only beauty queens can do!!

I just re-read this post and it is truly the musings of a middle-aged mom . . .or maybe a crazy woman!! Maybe some day I'll write about the rest of my crazy life! (I guess I should be very thankful for a simple life . . .some parts of my life have been anything but!!)

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