Thursday, February 17, 2011

Celebrate Magazine

For my birthday last summer, Mary (one of my friends at work) gave me a subscription to a wonderful magazine by Hoffman media. The name of the magazine is Celebrate and it is perfect for me because I love to entertain and the whole issue is about invitations and decorations and food for parties!! My newest edition came on Saturday and I flipped through it as I was sorting the mail (trash or not trash). I was so excited to see Easter decorations and decorations for a really cute ladybug party along with ideas for one of my favorites . . .cinco de mayo. Imagine my surprise when I flipped to this page . . .Look - there is my girl!! Our Laura . . .third bridesmaid from the left (right next to the beautiful bride!!). Lauren Wright's wedding was the featured wedding and Laura's picture is in the magazine not just once, but twice (there is a picture of the girls as the bouquet is being tossed and she has the cutest expression on her face!) Needless to say, I am one proud middle-aged momma! Oh . . .and by the way, isn't she beautiful? (sorry about that - couldn't resist!!) All of the girls are beautiful!!

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