Thursday, February 17, 2011

Novel idea

Becky - this post is mainly for you! Our youth choir is exceptional . . .and our choir director is wonderful . . .and he plans these great youth choir tours for every summer. Our church has done every kind of fund raiser imaginable. We've hosted pancake breakfasts, we've sold umbrellas (I never did buy an umbrella - I just realized that - oops - sorry!), we've hosted Meal and a Deal, we've made sub sandwiches and sold them on super bowl Sunday (that may have been before Scott's time), we've sold turkeys and hams (I liked that one!). It seems like we've done it all. This year they (I can say "they" because our kids are too old now . . .and one of our "kids" is a married man now . . .I don't think there have ever been any married folks in our youth choir) tried a new approach. They had two tables set up - one in each narthex and they had envelopes with numbers on them. You picked whichever envelope you wanted . . . and then you put at least that much money in the envelope. Mark chose his age - pretty good idea actually. We are in a large Sunday School class and we have had (and many of the families still have) kids in the youth choir, so our class took two large envelopes totally $250.00.
Novel idea - hope it brings in lots of money!! They are going to New York this year . . .wish I could go - I've never been to New York!! (I have been to Colorado and Boston and Texas and Tennessee with the youth choir - some of my favorite memories!!)

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