Sunday, July 30, 2023

Sunday Stealing

I’m joining up with the Sunday Stealing folks today and I feel like I’m screeching in at the finish line! Between moving back into our house, studying for my BIO 101 final, helping to feed Mark’s mother, brother, sister-in-law, and sitter (just once a week), cooking for our Tuesday night group of Young Adults, and writing something to talk about this morning and Tuesday night . . .I’ve been a tad busy. I miss y’all when I don’t join in!!

our new bar

cooking for Tuesday night YA
on my new stove

Sparse on furniture and rugs but
full of love!

Home Sweet Home

1. Does love come from the brain, the heart or elsewhere? I’m sure there is a scientific answer but I think I first feel it in my heart. I can’t wait to read all of your answers later today.


2. Have you ever given a shot? Yes, I still take allergy shots but these days they will only administer the shots in the doctor’s office and you have to have an Epi-Pen with you. You know what that means? Someone sued some doctor or nurse at some time in the past. Mark administered the shots for years and I think he enjoyed poking me šŸ˜Š. I also gave them to myself in my upper leg. I have never given a shot to anyone else.


3. Can you lick your elbow? (Come on, didja try?) I tried. I almost can but my tongue is not long enough.


4. If I was going to be talking to you for 10 minutes, what would be something really interesting you know a little bit about but would like to know more?? I would ask you how do you get so many followers on your blog? I'm sure there are other things that might interest me but the brain isn't clicking yet šŸ˜Š


5. What do you think of the Sopranos? I’ve never watched it. I want to make a joke about those who sing soprano with warbly voices (lots of vibrato) . . .but I won't. šŸ˜Š


6. Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?  How about your boss? OH MY GOODNESS!! When I was in high school, we had a history teacher who was also the Spanish teacher. His name was Juan Romanell (I don’t remember the correct spelling). I had a huge crush on him. I’m sure I’ve had bosses over the years that I have had a crush on.


7. Have you ever seen a movie in 3D? When we were on one of our last trips, we saw a movie at one of the sites and it was in 3D. 3D makes me incredibly nauseous so I only peeked through my fingers.


8. How difficult do you think it is for immigrants to come into your country? I think it is very hard for immigrants to come into the US legally. I think people come across the Mexican/US border every day and many of them never make it. They pay huge sums of money for a person to get them across illegally . . . For all of those looking for a better life – one where they can raise their children without fear – I wish we could help them.


9. Do you have what it takes to go live in another country, maybe for years, where you don't speak the language as your first language? I think it would be very difficult to move to a country where English was not the first language. I do think that if I lived anywhere for “years,” I would learn to speak to language just by being there plus some study.


10. Have you ever died in your dreams? I don’t think so . . .and I hope I don’t.


11. What book should our political leaders read and why? My first thought was the Bible but then I remembered how politicians misuse the scripture. I’m not sure I have a good suggestion.


12. What is your favorite glass object? I don’t really know. I’ve realized after a year of living without my “things” . . .most things aren’t all that important. I have a Waterford crystal bowl that was a wedding gift. It is quite lovely.


13. Do you like to window shop? If I can consider browsing online the same as window shopping – then yes!


14. Are you more likely to buy one really nice expensive outfit or a couple of cheap outfits? It depends. Some occasions call for a very expensive dress. I love to wear dresses to work so I look for several cheaper things. It is always great to spend more on a classic because it will usually last.


15. If you could, would you wear everything once, throw it out and buy something new? I always have a few favorites that I wear often. There are a few things that I have purchased over the years that didn’t meet my expectations and I would happily throw it out for something new. I must admit that I cleaned out my closets during the last year and I gave away several massive black garbage bags of clothes. I gave some to one of our sitters (for Mark’s mom) and I gave some to the Goodwill.


  1. You're back in your house! That's wonderful news. I know this has been tough for you. I hope your home becomes everything you need it to be. Congratulations! And also, bravo on keeping up with a blog with everything else you have going on.

    1. Thank you!! I hope you've had a good week so far!!

  2. You are correct that lots of people at leasr SAY they read the Bible. I think their actions suggest otherwise.

  3. Congrats with being at your home again!!

    I suddenly remember Ron, my fathers friend in England. I was 11. He asked me about religion. He said he was not religious at all and didn't want to belong to a religion, as a lot was wrong inside the church. So he asked me if I thought someone could be a good person, very good person, without claiming to belong to a church. I said "yes". We talked about it a bit more, and it made me feel a lot more responsible about my own behaviour and attitude than anyone or any book ever did.
    Knowing a book by heart...that's nice... to be proud of it... but pride is one of those feelings that make people slide away from being a good person. It places one above others, and stops a person being responsible.

    1. It is amazing how the wise words of a trusted friend can guide us!

  4. #11. I remember Trump lying about how the Bible was his favourite book. When asked which quote he liked best, he said "All of them!"

    Glad you are back in your house. Looks good.




  5. Oh, I'm in love with that stove! Well-deserved after the year you just experienced. Not sure I can speak to getting followers. I still remember back in 2008 when, after weeks of silence, I got my first follower. The second felt like New Years Eve. lol. I suppose, most came about by my visits and/ or participating in the same memes. Truth be told, probably 90% of mine have quit blogging, passed away - or grew disinterested and are too polite to say so.