Monday, July 3, 2023

A few things from the last week

Last Tuesday night, I ordered pizzas and made a big salad for our young adults. We usually provide a home cooked meal BUT my mid-term was last week (I did fairly well . . .I have an A overall) PLUS I've begun packing to move. This apartment kitchen has served us well over the last year. I know you can't see it, but there is a cute Snoopy towel hanging on the oven door. 
I must tell you a quick story . . . (do you know me? quick? hahaha!)
So we received lots of new members at our church this past year. One of them approached me and said, "Do you remember me? We've met before and we are related." This jogged my memory and we began to talk. Before long, we realized that not only are we related BUT our grandmothers were sisters. This might not be important to some folks but I have very few relatives still living. She gave me the cute towel for my birthday. Wasn't that kind? She also told me that she has found a picture of our great grandmother. I don't remember my daddy talking about a grandmother. There are so many things I wish I could ask my parents!! Ok - moving on . . .yay - that was almost a quick story!

After we ate pizza, we did a mission project. We made PBJs and I delivered them to our outreach ministries the next day. We had a small group last week but it worked out well.

The picture below does not do the sky justice. This wasThursday night of last week and the view of the sunset from our window was amazing. It wasn't actually the sunset itself. It was the sky full of pink light and there is a scientific explanation for that!

On Friday night, we headed to Casual Pint and met Mark's sister and our brother-in-law for a beverage and a bite to eat. I'm truly excited to finally like some sort of beverage that I can order in a brewery. I'm also excited that we get to hang out with them more often.

It wasn't crowded when we got there but by the time we left, all of the tables were taken.

After we ate, we stopped by the house for them to see the progress. Our mantle/fireplace surround is made of limestone. Alabama ranks 20th among the states as a producer of nonfuel minerals. Of these, limestone quarrying is the largest industry, and the state is ranked third in the nation in this commodity. (info from the online Encyclopedia of Alabama) We have Alabama limestone on our mantle and Alabama marble on our new bar. For some reason, this makes me very happy.

Our jobsite supervisor texted on Friday afternoon and said we needed to get the mirrors for the bathrooms so they could be installed this week. It was BLAZING HOT in Alabama at the end of the week all the way through Saturday. We  hit the ground early Saturday morning and bought 5 mirrors. The one below is my favorite. We found the mirror at White House Interiors and it is going in the powder room. The powder room is the only room that is not painted with Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. It is Jade Green - every inch of it from the ceiling to the baseboards to the crown molding to the back of the door. When Mark and I saw the mirror, we both knew it was the one for that space. We then had to buy a new faucet to match. (more about this later)

We had our gigantic bathtub ripped out and these floor to ceiling cabinets built into our bathroom. The bottom doors are full length mirrors. Look at the cool detail at the bottom and top - the swoops (technical term haha!) cut into the wood. I love those types of details. Something happened to the glass for our shower . . .they've put a rush job on it to try to get it re-cut.

Since the fire last year, both Harvey and I have some PTSD. We have had several thunderstorms since Saturday night. Harvey had been hiding under the bed during the thunder and lightning. Afterwards, he crawled up into Mark's lap and fell asleep. He was so sound asleep that his head fell totally off Mark's leg and it didn't wake him up.

Back to the powder room. . . the toilet paper holder, the sink stopper thing-a-ma-jig, and the towel ring were silver.  The new mirror and new faucet were not silver. They are gold. Mark ran to Walmart and bought a can of spraypaint and brought the pieces to the apartment and I spray painted them. A few years ago, I spraypainted knobs/handles for a piece of furniture so I hope this works.

Sunday night, our city had a fireworks show. We parked in a a business parking lot and tuned our radio to the correct station and had a great seat! Yes . . .that is a taco bell right in front of us. All of the songs, but one, were patriotic. One of the songs was Amazing Grace and it was really cool to see the fireworks to the tune of Amazing Grace. If I've never told you before, I LOVE fireworks.

We went back over to the house this afternoon and they had installed the faucets in our bath (not the powder room). They look great! It is coming together. Slowly. We have movers lined up for three different days next week - one day a truck will come from storage; one day All South Appliance will come and install all of our new kitchen appliances that we had ordered BEFORE the fire; the third day a moving company will come and load our stuff at the apartment and take it two blocks to our house. I still have to line up the furniture rental company and figure out when they can come pick up the rental furniture in the apartment.

See this cutie? She will be four next week and we will be celebrating her this weekend. She and her mommy were going to Home Depot to return a broken mirror. She was the Queen and was dressed in her fancy dress to go to Home Depot.

That's it, folks! What is going on in your world? We have no special plans for the fourth. I certainly won't be cooking because I have packed most of the kitchen stuff. I still need to pack our bedroom and bath and the guest bedroom has a box or two of stuff to pack. I do not know how we collected so much stuff living in a 2 bedroom apartment with rented furniture and kitchen equipment.



  1. You must be excited at finally getting back to your house but moving is no easy task. You seem pretty organised though. Hope it goes smoothly.

    1. The biggest problem is coordinating all of the different folks who have our stuff. Normally, I'm very organized but the things we have in the apartment are so random that I've been making labels for the boxes . . .one says "craft supplies and a skillet." hahaha!

  2. Oh, I love the jade green powder room. I never would have thought about covering the faucet, etc. with a new finish ... that's genius! Your little miss looks so pretty; I wonder if she got any 'wolf whistles' from the men at Home Depot. (lol)

    1. I'll let you know if the faucet trick works!! I'm pretty sure that some daddies and granddaddies in Home Depot would tell her she looked adorable :-).

  3. Progress on the house!! Looking so good! Happy 4th birthday to your little cutie!

  4. Phone cameras never truly capture great sunsets, do they? What did you order at Casual Pint? I want to go back there! We would normally drive through for our vacation but we're flying this time and taking a different route back. Maybe some day.

    1. This time I ordered The Goin' Southwest salad. The salsa and boom boom sauce were pretty fiery. It was good but my lips are still numb hahaha! We love the pretzel and beer cheese but they had changed it up this time and we didn't order it. Their flatbreads are great and their cauliflower crust is superior. Our favorite thing to do is go with another couple and order 4 appetizers and share. We love the Sriracha Chili Bourbon Meatballs. Our neighbors love the wings.