Sunday, March 19, 2023

It Is Time for Sunday Stealing Again!

I’m joining up with the regular folks for Sunday Stealing. Thanks to Bev for stealing the questions each week. She can’t remember from where she stole these questions! 

One song that describes my life. This song doesn’t describe my life (because I am not good at those questions) but it describes what is happening outside my window (sort of). Depending on your age, you might remember the song by Kansas – Dust in the Wind. A cold front rolled into Alabama this weekend and we live in an apartment over a hair salon and the wind is whipping around the corner of the building and it is sooooo loud (this is on Saturday when I’m writing). There is a dirt parking lot across the street and if it hadn’t rained ALL day yesterday, the dust would be blowing in the wind.

Two things I wish I had more of in my life: Wow – that is tough. I sometimes wish I had more time with my kids and grandkids but I’m not ready to retire. I LOVE my job. The other would probably be more time with friends. To be honest, I really am blessed. I know many of us wish we had more money – it would be nice to never have to worry about money. I wouldn’t turn down MORE money BUT we have enough to do a few extra things and some upgrades on our house as it is being repaired. We’ve been able to travel internationally several times. If I’m honest, I probably have enough of everything. I just need to use my time and money more wisely.

Three ways I relax – I’m headed to the salon for a pedicure this afternoon. I have a short chair massage scheduled for Tuesday. Both of those are two of my favorite ways to relax. I also love to read a good book.

Four of my best accomplishments – May I count our son and daughter? They are pretty amazing people but I’m not sure they are really my “accomplishments.” I helped pull off an event a couple of years ago where we had Bob Goff come as a speaker. I had a LOT of help from other team members. I felt like that was an accomplishment. I’m back in school at 64 while working full time. I think that is an accomplishment.

Five things I am looking forward to ---

1. I’m looking forward to being back in our house.

2. I’m looking forward to taking a trip in 2024 – The Journeys of Paul.

3. I’m looking forward to more international travel.

4. I’m looking forward to cooking on my new stove when we get back in our house.

5. I’m looking forward to celebrating granddaughter #1’s birthday tomorrow. Her birthday was this past week but we usually celebrate family birthdays on Sundays.

Six things I am grateful for –

1. Mark

2. Laura

3. Glenn

4. Granddaughter #1

5. Granddaughter #2

6. a wonderful daughter-in-law and son-in-law

I’m also grateful for enough like I talked about above. I’m grateful for life. I’m grateful for good health.

Seven facts about me –

1. I was born on flag day

2. My hair is not naturally blond

3. I’m the baby in my family

4. I was living with identical twin roommates when I met my husband, who is an identical twin, and we have fraternal twins

5. I love to laugh and I have a loud laugh – sometimes it gets me in trouble

6. I don’t enjoy flying on an airplane but I love to travel so I do it

7. I have a temper – most of the time I can control it 

Eight things I can see from where I am sitting –

1. A jar of pickles

2. 12 Mixtiles of our Italy/Germany/Austria trip

3. My hp laptop that I use for classes

 4. Our new tag decals for our vehicles

5. A red solo cup

6. My phone

7. My stack of books for studying

8. The cat’s ball tied onto a piece of ribbon

Nine words (plus extra words because I like words) I would use to describe myself:

1. Loud

2. Stubborn

3. Somewhat creative

4. A good friend

5. A good student

6. Curious – I love to learn new things

7. Either an extroverted introvert or an introverted extrovert

8. A reader

9. 25 pounds overweight 

Ten little things that make me happy:

1. Sunshine

2. Blue skies

3. Laughing out loud

4. Time with Mark and our kids and granddaughters

5. Seeing progress on our house

6. A good meal with good friends

7. Good conversation

8. Our cat – Harvey

9. Beating Waze when she tells me how long it will take to drive somewhere

10. Making an A on a test/exam


  1. Curiosity is such a good thing.I wish were only 25 pounds overweight.

    1. After I published, I thought to myself . . .maybe I'm 35 pounds overweight :-)!

  2. I think going back to school is a major accomplishment, especially at 64!

  3. I enjoyed my visit here today. I agree with you on using time and money wisely. I would love to go on Pau's journey tour.

    1. I'm excited about the trip tracing Paul's journeys!

  4. Loved your dust-description.
    Compliments for going to school again.
    Had a great time here reading your interesting answers.

    Congratulations with the first birthday of the granddaughter!!!

  5. I identify with so many of your answers!

  6. What is flag day? Is that Independence Day?




    1. Flay Day commemorates the day when the U.S. approved it first national flag design. Most cities put out LOTS of American flags (like sides of the road). When I was a kid, I felt confident that all those flags were to celebrate my birthday hahaha! It is not a national holiday where offices are closed, etc.