Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday Stealing

Joining Bev for Sunday Stealing! She finds the questions. We answer and then join up to read other's answers!

Stolen from How Far Will You Go?

1.  What was the warmest welcome you’ve ever received? I’ve thought of two examples – neither are perfect examples but here goes: Thirty years ago next month, I attended the Walk to Emmaus which is a 72 hour spiritual retreat. I think that was the first time that I ever truly experienced radical hospitality. I felt welcomed by those working the weekend from the moment I walked through the doors until the moment I left on Sunday.                                                                                                                                         

My other example is a couple in our Sunday school class. We recently went to their home for dinner and they are VERY laid back. I’m a number one on the enneagram so I like to have my meal preparations planned out to the minute. She was making souffles when we arrived and she had never made them before! They have this ability to make people feel totally welcomed into their home.

2.  What was the best thing about your youth? My mom died when I was a sophomore in high school so when I read this question, I felt like I took a mental step back so that I could see the whole picture not just her death. Stepping back allows me to see so much more. Our youth group and youth choir at our church kept me afloat. I was an excellent student and actually loved school. I was in the color guard in our band. But what was the best thing? I guess it was the people who stepped in to fill the shoes my mom left. Mrs. Lane, Mrs. Parker, a few of my teachers – oh my goodness, those mothers and their families were my lifeline. Isn’t it interesting how sometimes the best things come from the worst things?

3.  Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met. I’m having a hard time with these questions – I have more than one answer! Years ago, when we were very young, Mark had a business associate whose wife was from New Zealand. We were at a business dinner and she was asked to say a blessing and it was so different from what I had heard before. I remember wanting to hear about her – what it was like to live somewhere so far away, etc. Now, one of my co-workers is an amazing musician and he is friends with tons of people – Broadway stars, famous musicians, etc. Today I watched a Ted Talk for my sociology class (just FYI – college is very different in 2022 vs. 1984!!!) and the person speaking is Freeman Hrabowski. He was 12 years old and from Birmingham, AL (I live in a suburb) when he heard Dr. Martin Luther King speak in his church. He participated in the children’s march and was put in jail WHEN HE WAS 12 years old. I’ve not met him but he was “in” my kitchen today and he was pretty interesting!

4.  What is the least you’ve ever worn in public? I have a nightmare where I’m trying to get to my locker and I’m naked. I’m thankful that didn’t happen. I did go skinny dipping when I was about 20 and we were in a pool where we could have been seen. This was pre-Mark!! I guess that would be the “least” I’ve ever worn in public!!

5. What was the worst vacation you ever took? One spring break, I took the kids to Gatlinburg – just the two kids and me. On the first day, Glenn and I went down the street and went up to the top of the space needle. Laura was too afraid and stayed in the hotel room. We got up the next day and something was wrong with Glenn’s neck. He was in horrible pain. We loaded up and drove back to Birmingham and went straight to the pediatrician. I think the doc gave him a muscle relaxer. When they were about 18 months old, we drove to the beach which probably took us at least 5 hours. We got there and it started raining and they evacuated everyone the next morning for a hurricane. We had 2 porta cribs and all the stuff necessary for 2 littles . . .loaded it all back up and drove home.

6.  What room in your home do you spend the most time? I spend the most time in our kitchen/family room area. Mark probably spends the most time in the garage!

7.  Who made the strongest first impression on you? I do not have an answer for this one.

8.  What was the most surprising action you’ve ever taken. I registered for a class and have started it – I’m still surprising myself. Actually, maybe even more surprising is that I stepped up to teach our adult Sunday School class 30 years ago. I did NOT speak in front of large groups. I’m still teaching today.

9.  When was your life most out of control? I got married right out of high school. After about a year and a half, he left. He had realized that he was gay. This was in 1978 in Alabama. For the first year after he left, I was in a pretty big downward spiral. Now I cannot imagine being married to him (if he were still alive – he died of AIDS). My life with Mark and our kids has been pretty amazing.

10.  What would you be best at, were you to change careers? I’ve always thought I would make a good chef or a good dietician/nutritionist. I would also be a really good teacher or professor.

11.  What is the cruelest thing a person has ever said to you? I don’t think I want to answer that question.

12.  What is the best thing you ever won as a prize? I won a bottle of Pappy van Winkle for my husband!

13, What is your strongest argument against capital punishment? I would have a hard time taking the life of anyone.

14.  What have you been most ignorant about in life? I have a tendency to be naïve and to stick my head in the sand. I went to a couple of workshops/training sessions on people who have been involved in sex trafficking. OH MY GOODNESS. One of the corridors for sex trafficking runs right through our city – actually only a few miles from our home.

15.Where would you most hate to be pierced? I don’t think I would want my nose to be pierced. There are some other places I would want to be pierced either but I’m not even going there.


  1. Good for you for taking a class! I think continuing to learn is important. I was almost 50 when I finally got my masters. I'd go for my Ph.D. but I am almost 60 now. We have had to leave the beach many times because of hurricanes.

    1. I'm so impressed that you got your masters when you were almost 50! Way to go!!

  2. what great answers. I loved how detailed you were.

    I can't imagine being put in jail at 12 for protesting.

    1. Thanks so much for asking the questions each week.

  3. GREAT Q-and-A's Lisa! I love reading these and learning more about my new (and newer) friends'! My DIL has mentioned about the human (sex) trafficking business here in Alabama; give me chills!

    1. Yes - the 459 corridor is a "highway" for human trafficking.

  4. Another fun Sunday Stealing! Have a great week, Lisa!

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you had a great weekend!