Wednesday, August 25, 2021


 From this Side of the Pond

Thanks so much to Jo at From This Side of the Pond for today's questions! You may answer in the comments below or you may copy and paste the questions into your own blog and link up here.

1. Is school back in session where you live? Is everyone in person or does your system still offer a virtual option? Are kids wearing masks? School started back a week or two ago here. Most schools in Alabama seem to start from sometime around August 6 through maybe August 17 or so. I think that the schools near me are doing only in person now and the ones near me are wearing masks . . . at least for 30 days. The covid numbers in Alabama are HORRIBLE right now. Our ICU's are full all over the state . . .literally no ICU beds available. The state health officer has strongly encouraged people to wear masks again at all indoor events.

daughter's classroom

granddaughter #1 started
kindergarten this year - big news!

2. Something you still do 'old school'? I schedule baptisms and weddings as a part of my job and I still keep a binder with paper forms inside. I have found that there is less chance of error if I have a piece of paper in front of me. I schedule LOTS of baptisms and weddings and anything I can do to lessen the chance of a mistake helps me! I do pretty much everything else on the computer.

3. One lesson you've learned in the 'school of life'? I should care far less about what other people think of me and I don't have time for drama. My answer might be two lessons but both are true!

4. When you were in school did you pack a lunch or buy a lunch? Your favorite thing to see on the lunch menu or inside your lunchbox back in the day? When I was growing up, sometimes I took my lunch. My favorite lunch box was a cute red plaid and I had a book bag to match! I did buy my lunch sometimes, too. I remember loving lunchroom spaghetti and our lunchroom ladies made the best homemade rolls - melt in your mouth! My kids always wanted to buy their lunches on Crispito days . . .and I read an article this week that there will be no more Crispitos. Tyson has a shortage of workers and a shortage of tortillas and so they won't be making anymore this year. Check out the article here.

5. August is National Family Fun Month. Tell me something fun you’ve done this month. Our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter #2 came to town this last weekend and we played a lot! Mark even made a trip to Ed's Pet World with granddaughter #1. She wanted a penguin and her parents told her they would go to the store to see if they had any penguins for sale. Just FYI - they didn't. Also, in August we hosted our long-time supper club earlier in the month. We've been together since 2004. They stayed until almost midnight which is unusual for us. We talked and laughed and enjoyed being together so much!!

Margaritas may have been
consumed at supper club!

I needed pinatas for table decorations for
supper club so decided to purchase
some that granddaughters would

6. Insert your own random thought here. We are having our Lil Lambs Consignment sale at church this week and I hope I can find some cute clothes for both granddaughters.


  1. What a fun summer. I've never heard of Crispitos.

    1. here is an article about Crispitos --

  2. Me 3? Never heard of them, but will Google just to satisfy my brain. Ha! I, too, care more than I should what others think.

    1. I just added a link for the article on crispitos, too! Evidently they are an Alabama thing! Who knew?

  3. Y'all - here is the article about Crispitos -- I should have included it except I didn't realize that the whole country didn't eat Crispitos in school lunchrooms until my sister in Texas asked me, "what are crispitos?"

  4. Haha! I talked about rolls from the cafeteria, too. Love the table theme and those pinatas! Fun.

  5. I went to school in NJ and there were no homemade rolls lol. I had never heard of a Crispito before today. Glad you enjoyed your family and dinner club friends. I feel like we are swimming upstream trying to maintain a social life, but we are pressing on. The mask thing is so depressing. We have been helping my daughter move, then my dog needed emergency surgery (out of town!) so I look forward to a quiet weekend. After I volunteer on my regular day all morning tomorrow at the soup kitchen. Then a nap!

  6. I never heard of Crispitos before. Sad that a favorite has to go. They seem like a cross between a taquito and enchilada. That is nice that you have a supper club and those pinatas are cute! I try adding you to my blog list, but Blogger is not cooperating.

  7. Another fun Hodgepodge! Several have mentioned the lunch ladies' rolls. I don't remember those but sure loved the baked chili! It is so great that you are part of a group of folks since 2004! Wonderful! I enjoyed your post!

  8. LOL with granddaughter #2 wanting a penguin! My son when he was growing up wanted one too. Of course they are so cute, that's why they probably are wanted by lots of kids :)

    How fun for granddaughter #1 to start kindergarten this year! My grandson did too; liking it so far :)

    I always liked when my kids wanted to buy school lunch, lol, though did enjoy making their lunches :)

    How fun with your evening with your supper club!! A margarita is always great to enjoy with good friends and good food!