Sunday, January 25, 2015

Favorite Food Bloggers

I love to cook - plain and simple.  I really love to cook and for people to love to eat what I cook!  I've always been a collector of cookbooks (until we moved - Salvation Army received a wonderful selection of cook books when I was packing!!).  As we were packing, I realized that most of the recipes I use these days come from three of my favorite food bloggers/writers.

I love the recipes from Stephanie at Plain Chicken; and Ree at Pioneer Woman (I did keep Ree's cookbook . . . no, I don't know any of these but feel like I can call them by their first names and feel like we are friends - even though they have no idea I exist :-); and last, but certainly not least, is Christy at Southern Plate (she did comment on my blog one time!!)

We have been a part of the same supper club for over 10 years now and so I love to try out new recipes on those folks (they will love me anyway!).  I was in charge of the appetizer last weekend and pulled a recipe from Plain Chicken for some roll-ups.  I made one slight change to her recipe.

Here is the recipe as I made it:
1 large can of chicken breast - drained (the ounces varied at the store - anything from 11 to 13 oz -- I used swanson 12.5 ounces)
1 8 ounce block of cream cheese - room temperature (picture shows two blocks - only use ONE)
6 Tablespoons of salsa - I used medium
several good shakes of Frank's hot sauce (added this because it just didn't have enough zing!!)

Put drained chicken, cream cheese and salsa in bowl of mixer and blend (you could probably do this by hand or in a food processor - my handy dandy kitchen aid mixer sits on the counter so that was easiest for me).  I did it in the mixer because I wanted a smooth texture.

At this point, I tasted it and didn't think it was spicy enough so I looked in the cabinet and found a new bottle of Frank's.  I didn't measure the Frank's - I just splashed it in.

Spread this mixture on flour tortillas - this recipe makes enough for about 8 tortillas.  Roll up and wrap in wax paper (twist the ends) and place in fridge.

About 20 minutes before time to leave our house, I whipped out the electric knife and unwrapped one roll up at a time and sliced (on a cutting board).  Each slice was about 3/4 inches.  I had enough slices to cover a medium sized platter.  Every single piece was eaten!!  I love when people eat my food!

Tonight I made lasagna for our Tuesday night Bible study group.  I used Pioneer Woman's recipe.  I've made it several times before and it is indeed THE BEST . . .just fyi - I tripled the recipe which will be enough to feed 25 people.  I do not triple the spices.

I use Southern Plate recipes all the time, too!

So . ..where do you find your favorite recipes?

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  1. I love Plain Chicken too! I've used a lot of her recipes. I've recently discovered She has a lot of yummy but easy recipes.