Thursday, January 29, 2015

Everybody's got a water buffalo

Back when our nephews were just wee little boys, one of them heard the veggie tale water buffalo song and he WANTED a water buffalo.  He said, "Everyone else has a water buffalo, I want a water buffalo!" (similar to the lyrics).  As families often do, we picked up on that line - "everyone else has one.  I want one!" and used that line quite often when one of us was wanting something that others had (if you were to ask mark or my children about this, they would probably look at you with a blank face but if you were to ask Grandmother - she would remember!)

There is a farm right outside the city limits of Columbiana . . .and they have water buffalo, I meant to say, they have a small herd of bison.  The farm itself looks so lovely.  I want to go and walk around their lake (probably dodging bison poop) just to see it up close.  

It just happened to be an incredibly gorgeous January day in Alabama and I drove down to Columbiana to visit my friend, Shawn in order to buy some things at her cute store - Peddler's Creek.  I was watching for the Bison on my way into town and saw them . . so on the way back out of town, I rolled down my window, placed my thumb strategically on the "take photo" button of my phone, held my arm out the window and my eyes on the road ahead (yes, I did!), and snapped away.  I wanted to share these water buffalo with you because surely you want a water buffalo, too! (I know they are bison, the story is much better about water buffaloes!  Of course, since I had my phone, not my camera with a giant lens, all you see is trees.  But if you could look closely, there are bison among those trees and they are cool!

just fyi -- there were a whole lot of pictures . . .and I'm only sharing a few!

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