Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve Service

It's a tradition around our house and among our family.  We always go to Christmas Eve services at our church.  We LOVE worshiping with our friends and family.  Christmas arrives at that point for me each year.

This year, our church added another service - Christmas Eve Eve.  We weren't sure what to expect. The weather outside was frightful (sorry - just had to use that phrase!!).  We were having torrential downpours of rain.  As a staff, most of us thought it would be a large service but we just didn't really know.  When it was raining, we still weren't sure.  Mark's joke is that Methodists don't like to get too wet!!

That frightful weather didn't keep many people at home . . .or if it did, I don't know where we would have put those extra people.  The chairs are wider than normal in this room and we had more people on our row than there were chairs.  I think they will have to expand to two services next year or move to the main sanctuary!!

Our senior minister read the Christmas story and our other ministers told scripture and stories between the music.  The music was OVER THE TOP!!  I don't even have words to describe the music.  

We sang Go Tell It On the Mountain and Silent Night, among other selections.  All of the music was Blue Grass - banjos, guitars, piano, more guitars.

When the service ended, Mark said, "is that all?  I want more!"  We are hoping that Christmas Eve Eve becomes another tradition.  Thanks be to God!!  

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