Sunday, January 11, 2015

Charles - Charlie - Chuck - Upchuck

Back in September or early October, Laura adopted a rescue kitty.  We thought he was three years old but it turns out, he is more like five years old.  This poor kitty has had the worst time.  Some previous owner decided to have Charles de-clawed . . .but his claws just keep growing back.  I can't tell you how much money Laura has spent at the vet . . .and how many antibiotic shots he has received.  (shout out for Dr. Frederick at Alford Animal Hospital - she is THE BEST!)
Anyway, here he is when we first realized he had a problem (he was bleeding all over our new house and new furniture - see the beach towel - everything in our house is covered in beach towels . . .still . . .and this is January!!!  I didn't know they made "cones of shame" for cats.  It looks like a "hair cut cape" to me!  He had a hard time walking in it at first but mastered it very quickly! (his toes are still not totally healed!!)

Yes, he jumped up onto the bar stool.  He thinks he is a people (yes, I know that "people" is not correct . . .but he is a cat!!)

He is really a sweet cat.  Still slightly afraid of people.  He will sit on Laura's back or beside her on the sofa and he will ALLOW us to pet him.  What Charlie really likes to do is EAT.  Bless his heart, he is considered overweight and HE LOVES TO EAT.  (he also loves to sleep - but sleep requires a snack and a bath before hand)

He is begging - literally begging - for turkey.  He can stand on his hind legs and practically dance for a piece of turkey lunchmeat.  Mark can't stand for him to cry because he is hungry.  He only eats dry (DIET - THEY MAKE DIET CAT FOOD!!!!) diet cat food and he is only supposed to have about a half a cup a day.  At least our house has stairs so he has been getting lots of exercise.

He loves sitting outside on our screened in porch but he wants someone to sit out there with him and will cry if we don't!  He thinks there is something hiding underneath the grill.  I went over there and looked . . .didn't see a thing!!!  He watched it intently for about 30 minutes!

I was sitting on the sofa and he jumped up beside me.  Closer!!  He was trying to help address and stamp cards with me.  He probably thought it was something to eat!  (you can see that the sofa is covered with an old blanket!!)

He has provided much entertainment.  He loves sacks and boxes.

He loves tissue paper.  I'm sure he is thinking, "they put that paper down JUST for me!!"

This is the closest he has come to sitting with me.  I was in the recliner and he hopped up on the arm.  He really is a handsome boy!

Charlie will be moving out (along with Laura) in the middle of February.  I think we will miss him!


  1. My cat does this chicken begging routine too.! Great pics!

  2. I'm glad to know that someone else has a cat who begs!!