Monday, November 13, 2023

Photos from my phone

I loaded these pictures at least a week ago so I decided to do a quick post. I actually have a lot more photos that I need to load and document just so I can remember!!

Hannah, on the right, has helped me on Halloween night for several years. We have so many trick or treaters that we set up outside because there is no time to go in and sit down between groups. I bought 1330 pieces of candy plus 400 fireballs (to go along with the theme). I pulled out about ten packs of peanut M&M's for Mark. The first 400 got a chocolate and a fire ball (if they weren't a toddler). from 7:55 to 8:20 or so, we gave out two pieces of candy. We had at least 1,000 trick or treaters - maybe more.

Lindsay, also in our Tuesday night group, came this year to help. Mark doesn't enjoy sitting out there but I love Halloween. Hannah loves Disney princesses and she dresses up as one every year. She teaches high school Spanish and we have lots of Latino/Hispanic/Mexican/Columbian trick or treaters so she can speak with them.
Lindsay was dressed as a woodland fairy (I think). Of course, we had record warm days prior to Halloween and then it was so cold and windy that night!!
I really appreciate them and so enjoyed spending almost 3 hours together.

There were people everywhere. It feels like we are in the middle of a movie!

On Friday following Halloween, Mark and I went
to an 84th birthday party for our friend who
is now living in skilled nursing due to
Parkinson's and his fall risks.
Fairhaven is a local Retirement Home
along with skilled nursing and more.
They had the nicest room for the party!
Mark is sitting beside Stephen.
One of our retired pastors is behind Mark.
Stephen's girlfriend, Lynne, is behind
him and Jamie is beside her. Small
world - Jamie is next door neighbors
to Mark's twin brother!
More people came but I
failed to get anymore pictures!


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  1. Great photos and it sounds like some Halloween fun was had by all. Have a good week, Lisa!