Saturday, September 17, 2022

Sunday Stealing

Bev's computer has been broken so Kwizgiver has been writing our questions (thank you!). Join us!! 

Do you have any Pepto-Bismol in your house? I don’t think we do – we have immodium and maybe some Gas-X.

Do you have a favorite flavor of vodka? I have a favorite brand of Vodka – Grey Goose! I did buy some orange flavored vodka at one time and I may have sipped some straight from the bottle . . . shhhh!

Is your backyard big enough to fit a trampoline? ...and then some. In our actual home, we have a tiny courtyard – only an individual trampoline would fit. (disclaimer - that is not me! hahahaha!)

In the apartment, we have a lovely courtyard and I’m looking forward to sitting out there when the weather is more comfortable. We actually brought some of our outdoor furniture with us since the fire was only on the inside of the house.

I think a trampoline would fit but
if you fell off . . .you would be on
concrete or brick.

Every day I'm looking for the positives.
One of the positives is the courtyard/
back porch of the apartment. Mark
brought our porch plants from
the house.

When was the last time you had eggs? I made deviled eggs back in August. I made two batches of brown sugar brownies today and each pan needs 3 eggs so I used a half dozen today.

How often do you blow dry your hair, and what color is your blow dryer? I wash and dry my hair every day (except today!). I think my blow dryer is a weird shade of purple.

Have you ever gone to bed later than three AM? I’m sure I have in my 64 years. I remember when Glenn was little. He had croup and he and I sat in a steamy bathroom all night long. Does that count? When you travel internationally, you sort of sleep on the plane but it definitely doesn’t count as “going to bed” so I feel like that counts in some way or another.

Have you been to a surprise party before? I’ve thrown one surprise party for Mark. I guess it was for his 40th birthday. He hated it so we’ve had planned parties since then!! I’ve been surprised twice – for my 16th and for my 40th birthday. Both parties were given by friends and were sweet get togethers!

What is your least favorite month? I think it is January. Even here in Alabama, January has some yucky weather. My mother-in-law used to laugh about being sad in January because she said that during the holidays we spent all of our money and we gained weight from all of the good food which meant January involved dieting and budgeting PLUS yucky weather. (please know that I’m not making light of depression and sadness – that memory just popped into my head)

Have you ever gone to see a movie the day it came out? We don’t go to the movies very often so I’ve probably never been to see a movie on the day it opened.

Do you like movies/books about drugs, and why or why not? That is a really weird question (sorry!). We love CIA/Detective/Police shows like Bosch or The Americans and sometimes they include drugs but I don’t enjoy that. We did watch Marianna van Zeller’s expose on Fentanyl and it was pretty fascinating. She is a gutsy woman. We learn lots when we watch her shows. Here is the NatGeo link to the one on Fentanyl.

Do you have scrap paper by your computer desk? I don’t have a computer desk right now. I’m actually sitting at the island typing this. I sometimes use the tiny kitchen table. I do keep sticky notes and a notepad and pen nearby.

Have you ever kept a bag from a store because you liked it? I actually have one in my closet right now from our trip this summer (and I think I have two others from the same trip). I love this bag! According to google, the English translation of Stiefelkater is . . . .boot cat!

Was the last thing you drank carbonated? I drink diet pepsi and diet ginger ale every day.

Do you own any yellow clothing? I have a dress that has yellow designs on it but the dress is blue . . .with yellow. I don’t think I own anything that is totally yellow unless you count the VERY old yellow sweatshirt with a broken zipper. It is a "yard jacket" - you know what that means? You wear it out in the yard when doing yardwork, etc.

Last person you argued with? I’m sure it was my husband!


  1. What a lovely courtyard! Have a great Sunday!

  2. i forgot about staying up with our baby, maybe because she's now 18 and in college!

  3. Yellow is so not my color. A blue dress with yellow sounds nice and cheery, though.

  4. The courtyard looks lovely! I hope you get some comfortable weather soon so you can get out and enjoy it.

  5. I'm with you on January being the crappiest month. I don't like the weather and it's the let-down after the holidays that gets me. I'm always in a funk.