Sunday, August 21, 2022

Sunday! Sunday! Must be Sunday Stealing!


Today is Sunday so we must be writing Sunday Stealing. Bev steals the questions and we answer them and link up together. I love reading other's answers and I love when people comment!!

This week's questions were stolen from Friday Fill-in

1.   I am currently obsessed with . . . We’ve been obsessed with finding diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale in the cans and my son hit the mother lode last night. He bought enough for us to share!  
2.  Today I am happy because Mark is home from his fishing trip and we get to hang out with friends this weekend.
3.  The age I am is 64 and the age I feel depends on the day – some days I feel 35 and some days I feel every moment of my 64.   
4.  My favorite place is with my people . . .but Orange Beach, AL is one of my happy places.
5.  Something I have been procrastinating is . . .I do not have a good answer for this one!
6.  The last thing I purchased was a few groceries on Thursday night . . .and when I say a “few,” it really was not a lot of groceries . . . yet they cost $177.00.
7.  The thing I love most about my home is . . .well, I’m not in my real home right now but I’m going to go with “home is where my heart is.” Since Mark and I are together in this little apartment, I guess this is where my heart is.
8.  My most prized possessions would be . . .I guess my diamond necklace and earrings. I was sad when I thought they were lost in all of the craziness. I was happy when we found them!
9.  If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be maybe 50 ish. I know that sounds old but by the time I was 50, I knew who I was and could stand my own. I still felt young and was able to do a lot at 50. To be honest, 64 isn't bad. I'm happy to be alive and kicking and going about life at 64.
10.  My outlook on life is usually very positive.
11.  If you want to annoy me, don’t do things correctly (correctly means the way I want them done :-) ) or do them halfway.
12.  I am completely defenseless when it comes to roaches and spiders. I can kill them when I’m home alone but I don’t like to do so. I can't wait to read answers for this one - everyone else always has much better answers than mine!!
13. The bravest thing I’ve ever done was give birth to twins? Stand outside and watch my house burn?
14. Something that keeps me awake at night is not sleeping hahahaha! I have even tried Melatonin lately and I hate taking any kinds of pills much less supplements. We bought a new Nectar mattress. I’m hoping it helps. The rental mattress was not very good.
15. My favorite meal in the entire world is probably turkey and dressing and gravy and all of the trimmings – basically, the family Thanksgiving meal.


  1. I think, reading what you said about being brave and losing your home, you, my friend, have been very brave. When our son passed away last Dec. in the next room besides us, I thought that was "brave" to keep going (us keep going-no matter how much sadness etc. we felt/feel etc.) --no, your tragedy is braveness. Just saying.

    ANYWAYS, I hope you're having a beautiful day, regardless of life's curve balls, smiles.

  2. Cockroaches don't bother me. Small spiders I can cope with. Anything that is as big as my hand has me running to the hills.




  3. I think you are very brave. And isn't sad when we bring home a few things and the price is so astronomical?

    1. Yes -- everything costs so much right now.

  4. So did you have more than one bag for $177? LOL.

    1. I did have more than one bag. I bought some Georgia peaches (they didn't have peaches grown in state!) to make cobbler for my hubby's birthday (which is today). I had 6 peaches and those alone were over $10!

  5. Thanksgiving dinner is sure a close second for me!! There really is not much better! I can't imagine being brave enough to watch my home burn. Unimaginable, yet you did it and are amazing with your can-do attitude. You are pretty darn amazing. xo

    1. You are always so kind! I'm so embarrassed that I answered the defenseless question incorrectly. Oh well - 64 year old brain late at night - not a good mix!

  6. I don't really drink soda but I do get ginger ale now and then. Go for the full; diet stuff is awful for you! (Just my opinion). Also, I have the same sleeping issues and while people tell me melatonin works, the only thing that really does it is either going for a long walk and taking a shot of apple cider vinegar before bed OR the CBD gummies we got. They're pretty good.