Wednesday, August 3, 2022


I always enjoy connecting up with friends over at From This Side of the Pond on Wednesdays for the Wednesday Hodgepodge. Joyce comes up with the questions. We answer them and then read everyone else's answers! Feel free to join us or to answer in the comments!

1. Do you have a sister? Tell us something about her. If you don't have a sister, tell us about a friend who has been like a sister. Or tell us about a sister-in-law if you have one who is extra special.

I have two sisters - I'm the baby. My oldest sister was married and out of the house by the time I was four or five. Her oldest granddaughter is only a few months older than my children. She lives about an hour away. I got to see her recently and it was so good to see her. She has had some major health concerns so I was glad to lay eyes on her. My other sister is between us in age. She and I lived at home together after our mom died many many years ago. She has a son that is 8 weeks younger than our kids so we raised our children together -- even though she lives far away. I also have a friend who is a sister by choice. I have 3 sisters-in-laws who are all amazing in their own ways!

middle sister - Becky

3 sister-in-laws - Alice, Rebecca, Susie

oldest sister - Glenine

2. Resister, assister, insister, persister . . .choose one of the words listed and explain how it relates to you and your life lately.

I'm not even sure! I guess it would be persister since we are moving forward after the fire and my emergency surgery.

3. Share a favorite song, book, movie, or television program that features sisters. 

When I was a kid, I loved to watch Petticoat Junction - the sisters were Betty Jo, Billie Jo, and Bobbie Jo. 

4. August 3rd is national watermelon day . . .are you a fan? Do you like watermelon flavored candy? Besides eating the melon as is, do you have a good recipe made with watermelon?

I LOVE watermelon!! I don't eat candy but it seems like a remember a watermelon flavored Jolly Rancher that was tasty! My friend has an excellent watermelon margarita recipe - yum!!

5. Tis August . . .what are three things you are looking forward to this month?

a. We have lots of family birthdays this month so those are fun!

b. Mark is going to Alaska on a fishing trip and I'm looking forward to some fresh fish.

c. Maybe I'll have a watermelon margarita this month!

6. Insert your own random thought.

We are moved into the apartment. We think the air conditioner is fixed. My double vision is almost gone and I drove for the first time today! I'm going by the grocery store on the way home . . .all by myself! A contractor is going to start an estimate on Thursday. I see my surgeon today for my second post op! All of these are good things!! Yay! Yay! Yay!


  1. Good to hear your vision is improving and things are moving along after all your upheaval.

  2. Sounds like things are on the up and up! Good to hear.

  3. I, too, used to love Petticoat Junction. (Suppose I can remember all the lyrics?) Props for moving forward with a great attitude!

  4. I am so happy to read that things are moving along as they should for you. Bless you for all you have endured. I forgot about Petticoat Junction!! I loved that show!! Good one!! xo

  5. You are definitely a persister after the fire and your surgery, since despite them you see the good in every day.

  6. Sounds like you are definitely a persister and it's paying off with things moving in the right direction. I'm glad the double vision is improving-that sounds miserable. Have a nice weekend!

  7. Happy to read about all the good things for you! May all go well with your healing.

  8. I'm so late in commenting on everyone's posts. I enjoyed your answers. It was fun reading everyone's favorite sister movies