Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Home for Wednesday Hodgepodge

Today is Wednesday, so it must be HodgePodge! Copy and paste the questions into your own blog, answer the questions, and link up with Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.

1. Best place you've been lately?
The first thing that popped into my head -- HOME! We've been on the go almost constantly and we've worked some long days. Recently, we were at home one evening and I was SO HAPPY TO BE HOME!!

Then I second guessed myself and thought that answer sounds so lame from a girl who actually likes to go and do things but my thoughts of "best place" keep coming back to home and relationships.  This is another really great place to be -- snuggled up with this cutie. She calls one Pops (her actual granddaddy) and she calls one Pops George (her granddaddy's identical twin brother). Being with her is a pretty darn good place.

2. What's something you should say yes to today? Or this week? Or even this year?
This answer is going to sound like it is in direct opposition of the answer above but TRAVEL would be a definite YES! I'm going to blog about my recent trip to Israel during April and I look forward to reliving some of those memories as I write! I'm looking forward to planning some more trips.

3. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in any way, shape, or form? If so tell us how. In Western cultures the color green is typically associated with jealousy, nature, good luck, and growth. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'green'?

I love decorating for all holidays and special occasions. My grandmother on my daddy's side was of Irish ancestry so I CLAIM it! When I hear green, I usually think of growth . . .or money . . .

some of my flower friends need to help me - I have purchased Tulips for two weeks in a row. The first week, I didn't cut the stems under water before placing the flowers in the vase and they were VERY sad quickly. This is bunch #2. I cut the stems under water, put them in the mason jar and I've added water. They don't seem to be opening up before they die. What am I doing wrong???

I picked up the little leprechaun hats a few weeks ago and think they are so cute.

4. What's a product or service you love so much you'd happily be their spokesperson? Tell us what makes you such a fan.

I know I mentioned this in an earlier blog post but Walmart grocery pick up is AMAZING. All you have to do is go online and order your groceries.  You choose from the available pick up times (the earlier you order - the better chance of getting the exact time you want). They text when the order is ready. You respond. Through the app, they know when you pull into the parking space designated for those picking up. Within minutes, a very nice employee brings your groceries to the car. It was raining when I picked up on Saturday evening and I was very thankful for this service! Last week, I forgot to take cash for tipping and felt bad. I was pleased that Teiara was my delivery person again this week because I was able to give her a nicer tip. There is nothing on the app that says you should tip but I'm thinking that is the right thing to do - I would love thoughts on tipping in a situation like this. My grocery order is large. Is there a percentage I should tip? After saying all of this, I would gladly be their spokesperson.

5. March 14th is Pi Day. How are your math skills? What's the last thing you did that required math of any kind? And most importantly do you like pie? What's your favorite kind? With ice cream, whipped cream, or please hold the cream?
Some days, my math skills are sharp and on focus. I was a good math student in high school and college. These days, I use my math for figuring out measurements when tripling recipes.

I was also the tip collector for our driver and guide in Israel and needed to divide a large sum of money - 2/3 to guide and 1/3 to driver. I guess I used my math skills then! I use excel spreadsheets to keep up with groups of people and I can use the math formulas to add up columns or rows - love excel!

Yes, I like pie! I LOVE coconut cream pie. Since I gave up desserts over a year ago, I have had one bite of coconut cream pie at our grandbaby's first birthday party (a year ago this weekend!). I've discovered that I CANNOT eat sweets in moderation so I've just given them up all together. You can read my recent post on making pecan pies here (they are good, too!).

I love ice cream on apple roll (which is basically a pie). Whipped cream is great on cheese cake (not really a pie?).

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

On Monday, my friend and I went to another local United Methodist Church to hear three detectives/sergeants speak on human trafficking. Y'all. I JUST CAN'T IMAGINE. Those speaking were actually employees of the city where I live and I will admit that it gave me great hope because they all had a heart for children. The whole situation is mind boggling to me. It is modern day slavery for sex and labor. This issue has been on my heart for a couple of years now and I'm not sure what action I should be taking. The detectives recommended fostering a teenager who has been removed from a trafficking situation but I'm not sure that I'm called to do that. I may call/email the two safe houses near me and see if there is a way I can volunteer. Are any of you volunteering in any way to help with the human trafficking situation? If so, I would love to hear what you are doing.

When we arrived to hear the speakers, we loved the sign over the door --  "Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall" . . .Reid was a long time minister at this church where we were attending the program and he now serves on our church staff as a retired minister of care (does nursing home and hospital visits, etc.). We all love Reid so it was great fun to see his name above the door.


  1. Twin granddaddies?!!! Now that's pretty special!!!

    Your St. Pat's decorations (including the tulips) are beautiful!

    Visiting you today from the Hodgepodge.

  2. My Mother used to say "it's always nice to go away, but there's no place like home." Enjoyed your answers. Have a great week.

  3. My cousin visited Israel. She described it as Dusty and dry and not particular pretty, etc. So I said, you mean you wouldn't go back? She said, 'I'd go back in a heartbeat!' It must have been an awesome experience.

  4. I love to decorate for the holidays as well, with my grands around we have lots of fun doing this
    come see us at

  5. Thanks y'all! I love reading your comments!!