Tuesday, July 19, 2016

warning - photo overload!! 2nd, 3rd, and 4th . . .before the month is over -- I'm going to capture this!!

I decided to document this for my own memories . . .because Lord Help ME . . .anyway . . .
we had a really nice fourth of July weekend this year.  We started celebrating on Friday night with our friends at dinner.  You can read about that dinner here if you missed it and are interested  (I know - only about three people read my blog - my sister, maybe my sister-in-law, and a couple of church friends!).

So what did we do with the rest of our weekend?  On Saturday, we drove down to Lake Tuscaloosa and spent a wonderful day with our close friends.  We SWEATED.  I drank more water that day than I have in a long time because it was so HOT but it felt so good.  You know what I mean?

Mark never (or rarely) goes to any body of water without a fishing pole and this day was no exception.  He caught a gar.  You can read about gar here.

He also caught a catfish.  He also left his bathing suit at home and had to borrow one (see the hint of yellow???)

It was truly a gorgeous day!  Looking at the picture makes me want to be right back there RIGHT now!!

On Sunday morning, we went to church and I helped serve communion -- love love love!! In the late afternoon, we attended our block party.  Our neighborhood usually has a HUGE fourth of July party with golf cart parade and pie competitions, etc.  This year, no one stepped forward to chair the committee so . . .no party!  Two of my neighbors decided we needed to have something so they reserved the pavilion in front of our house and bought a bunch of hot dogs and baked beans and invited everyone on our street.  It was another scorcher - HOT!!  It was nice meeting some of our neighbors.  Mark has met all of them . . .I think he might be more of an extrovert . . what do you think?

Mark visited with lots of folks!!

I don't have a picture of my peanut butter pie but everyone loved it!

On Monday morning, the actual fourth of July, we got up and packed our stuff and headed to Mollie and Roger's house on Lake Mitchell.  First stop was Durbin's in Clanton.  Mark immediately commandeered Emma!

She was happy to see her Pops!!

Look at all those ladies!  Lauren, Lydia (holding Emma!), Sally and Peggy Sue!

This is Bill fishing with . . .guess who brought fishing stuff?? Mark!!

I rarely am in the pictures because I always have a camera . . .but I had my picture taken with sweet Lydia!  She reminds me so much of her momma and I miss her momma so very much!!

The guys were down there talking about  . . .guess what?  fishing!

This was Miss Emma's first fourth of July celebration.  It was surreal to see my "baby" sitting there giving a bottle to his "baby" . . .I can still see all of the kids sitting out on this very same porch . . .where did the time go??

I know this is silly but I LOVE the boat parade!  I will run to the top of the boat house if I see the boats coming!  I will wave at every single boat like a crazy lady!!

Lydia made an amazing cookie cake - she is so talented!!

Bill has Parkinson's and so Glenn was helping him after he caught a fish!!

I had to ride in the back seat to and from the lake.  Mark wanted to drive his pick up truck and Laura needs (worse than I do!) to ride in the front seat.  We always pick up Bill at his house so Bill and I rode in the back seat.  Yes, I had to take drugs.  We were surrounded by coolers and fishing poles and everything else imaginable!

It was crazy that we got home around supper time and cleaned up and went to bed . . .and then got up on Tuesday morning and went to work!

It was a great weekend - start to finish!!

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