Monday, July 25, 2016

Pantry Clean out and Blue Apron

When we put a contract on our house (two years ago - really - we've been in the house two years!!), I didn't realize that our new house did not have a pantry.  On the day we MOVED into the house, I realized that we had no pantry!!  How did I miss that very important fact????  We have this little closet under the stairwell and I purchased shelves and organizers, etc.  The problem is that the shelves get "junked up" so fast.  I clean it out and in just a few weeks, it is messed up again.  About twice a year, I have to do a major clean out and re-organize everything and throw away expired items (because I can't find them to use them!).

I forgot to take a true before picture (life must be really boring this week if I'm blogging about reorganizing my pantry!!).  Here is the picture of the empty pantry.  There is a little "secret" (not anymore!) door that truly goes up under the steps and Mark put a "let's get organized" small bookshelf in the space for my cookbooks.

There was this much stuff on those shelves!

Finished!  I took this picture using Mark's phone because it was sitting on the counter.  His phone is old and the pictures are not as good as with the Iphone 6!!!  You can't see what I'm going to tell you about but can you see the shelf with the campbell's cans (just barely in the bottom of the picture)?  I went out to the garage and got a 1 by 6 (or a 2 by 4) or some piece of wood and placed it along the back of the shelf.  It is just high enough and sturdy enough and I lined canned goods all the way down the back of the shelf.  Really helped!!

On an entirely different topic (it is about food!), we've also been ordering a few boxes of food from Blue Apron (they are not paying me to write this and have no idea that I'm blogging about them!)

I had heard of pearl couscous but had never eaten it.  This was a shrimp dish that could have been better - my fault - should have added the whole spice pack.  Blue Apron says that each meal serves two people but Laura was home and we all three had a nice size serving.  Mark says this was one of his least favorite meals we've received (once again - my fault entirely).

Mark and I both loved this meal -- empanadas with lime creme fraiche - so good!

I'm pretty sure I've blogged about those two meals because my words sound familiar in my head!!

This last meal was chicken and green beans and tinkerbell peppers (sooo cute!!)

over rice.  I loved the little peppers!!  This meal was quite tasty!  All of these meals have really nice names describing the items, etc. but I can never remember what they are called!!

As of right now, we aren't scheduled for a delivery anytime soon . . .but I'm watching the menus!

What's happening in your world on this Monday?

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