Sunday, July 24, 2016

God is Good

So . . . .this weekend is the She Speaks conference in North Carolina.  You can read about my experience at She Speaks in 2013 starting here (and then several more posts).  That weekend in July of 2013 was a life changer for me.  Do you know that I keep in touch with the two women I met in the hotel?  Facebook is so good for those kinds of friendships!!  I would LOVE to have been there this weekend but I was able to get a tiny taste of the weekend.  Yesterday, my friend, Linda, sent me a text that Lysa TerKeurst's key note address (sermon) was available for a limited time on the Proverbs 31 app - First 5.  I was not home at the time so I couldn't listen . . .but when I got home, I pulled out the ironing board and ironed for an hour as I listened to her.  It was amazing.  I was transported back to that giant meeting room.  I would iron and listen and then I would run to the kitchen and write down notes from what Lysa said.  I once again felt like a sponge just soaking in words from God.  Here are just a few of her amazing quotes:

1.  Don't let today's reaction become tomorrow's regret (omg - I love that!)
2.  I KNOW that God is good.  God is good to me.  God is good at being God.  (such a simple but profound statement and one that spoke DIRECTLY to my heart.)
3.  We all have a story AND THEN we have a story we tell ourselves.
4.  The tweaking of us by God in private is the saving of us in public.
5.  A line turns into a lie turns into a label turns into a liability (the words others say to us or we say to ourselves -- oh my goodness)
6.  What I know must dictate what I see.  Otherwise, what I see will violate what I know.
7.  We must not let the words of others (and sometimes our words) became the words of OUR story.

Some of the points from her talk are from her new book (you can pre-order on amazon)

Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely

(I just pre-ordered it!)

She always does such a great job of taking a story from the Bible with a female involved . . .and weaving those words into an amazing message.  She talked about Abigail.  I now feel like I know Abigail . . .and I could just see those caves in Israel where David hid out so the scripture was jumping and alive!

Y'all - God is good.  God is good to me.  God is good at being God!
p.s. She Speaks or Lysa Terkeurst nor Amazon even knows I'm writing this so I'm not getting any free books, etc.  I was just moved to tell y'all!!!

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