Thursday, July 21, 2016

Roadside Assistance

As I was driving to work this morning, I was stuck behind this tow truck.  He was actually going to the same exit (where I was headed) to rescue someone.  As we motored along, I was struck by the words "Roadside Assistance" and by the shape of the thing-a-ma-bob on the back of his truck.  I'm sure it has a name - car lift, perhaps?  I have no idea.  Anyway, whatever it is called . . .it looks like a cross.  I've been calling on God a whole lot lately - seems like even more than usual.   As I was driving, I had many thoughts -- one was how lucky I am that Mark works at a car dealership.  When my "change oil" message pops up, I tell Mark and he drives my car to work and gets the oil changed.  He is pretty good about getting our cars regularly maintained.

I don't know why the little car was stuck on the side of the road this morning but the driver had to call for help.  So often in life, we (I) wait until we are (I am) in a dire situation to "call for help" and then we pray.  What if I kept my spiritual life "regularly maintained" like our cars so that when crises happen . . .I don't have to call for Roadside Assistance?  I try - I really do.  I read my Bible.  I pray.  I attend Sunday School and church.  I (we) give.  I (we) serve.  What is missing?  I think one of the things goes back to that trust issue . . . do I trust God to show up when I call for help?  I don't have an answer - I'm just thinking through my fingers!!

I do know that Jesus loves me - yes, he does!  I do know that he never leaves me nor forsakes me.  I do know that I am loved by him!

Maybe I just needed a little reminder today . . .a tow truck with a cross shaped thing-a-ma-bob and the words "roadside assistance."  (yes, taking pictures while driving is not safe - I snapped about 10 -- if the poor driver was looking in his mirror, he probably thought I was a nut!!

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