Monday, April 17, 2023

Week and weekend in review

Our office was "closed" this past week so that the staff could rest after Easter. I went in everyday but one for at least a few hours and worked some from home.

On Easter afternoon, I went over to the house to check on things. My new island is in the garage and I'm in love with it. Since ours was damaged, we designed a new one and added some cool features. 

I'm so excited for cookie sheet and
cutting board storage!

and drawers!

Mark's request was for built in
trash cans

I also checked on the doorway where we are adding a pocket door 

and I checked out the new fireplace.

Mark and I met the designer, Liz, at the house on Tuesday morning at 7:30 and picked out the stain for our new bar and we picked out the wall color and the main bathroom cabinet color.

Wall color is Agreeable Gray on 
the right - cabinet color is on
the left - a shade darker

This is so tiny that you
probably can't tell anything
but the bar will go to the
ceiling - glass in top
cabinets - Alabama
marble on counter
and backsplash

Wednesday morning we spent a lot of time texting for work because one of our beloved members died and we had to plan the funeral. In a large church, a funeral involves a lot of people especially if it is to be held on a weekend.  Working around the text messages, I made a double batch of cheese straws to hand out to our neighbors. Then some of the girls from the office went to Eleanor's house for lunch.

Can you see the salt and
pepper shaker? It is Lot
and his wife (pillar of salt)

We ate outside and it
was a lovely day. I
work with the best young

I went to the office on Thursday. While I was in the office, I received a text message. One of our neighbors found construction nails in our alley and texted to warn everyone. I was glad that I had made cheese straws and a cute card to deliver to everyone on our circle. 

Thursday night, we joined friends from Sunday School at the Five Points Public House for dinner. While we were driving to the restaurant, we saw an amazing rainbow!! Actually, there was a double rainbow. I have never seen such a perfect rainbow!

I had deconstructed shrimp and
grits - delish!!

I got a haircut and a root coverup on Friday morning and then walked around our street and put the cheese straw packets and notes on everyone's front porch. We exercised and Mark did some yardwork at the house trying to repair freeze and fire/workmen damage. We spent a quiet Friday night at home.

Saturday morning, I headed to my WW meeting and then ran by Walmart to pick up a few things I forgot when I placed my Shipt order. We then went to our friend's funeral (the one mentioned above). Our pastor did an amazing job, as usual. 

Mark has been in a men's Bible study with
the husband of Ann (who died). The
men's group and wives ordered
these flowers that were placed
by the book.

Saturday night, we went to our neighborhood supper club. This is the only picture I took. They had the neatest fire pit and we ate outside and sat around and laughed and talked. The host/hostess served hamburgers and hot dogs and baked beans. I took Asian Slaw and one person brought the tray with lettuce, tomato, cheese, etc. One person brought an appetizer and another brought deviled eggs. The last person brought dessert.

Sunday found me working in the Welcome Center and teaching Sunday School. We had lunch with Mark's siblings/spouses and mother.

After lunch I hurried back to the church to offer hospitality to attendees for an afternoon conference.

I finally made it back to the apartment and meal prepped my lunches for the week and mixed up the casserole for Tuesday night and rode the stationary bike and did laundry!

What did you do this last week and over the weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Your island is going to be awesome.

  2. I've been busy but you sound busier! I wish I was your neighbor : ) I love cheese straws. Also, when construction is happening everyone has to be a little bit extra patient. When our house was being built we bought a giant magnet (you push it around-it has a long handle like a broom) and we'd walk around the yard and the top of the street and pick up nails. We could not believe how many there were!! We told our builder we should get a refund for picking up more than a box full!

  3. When we first moved into our new home (in Arizona) it sat smack admid the new housing development. I can't tell you how many times I picked up nails in my car's tires. (Grrrrr) Love your 'peace offering' to the neighbors. How thoughtful you are!

  4. Oh my goodness have you been busy!! Whew! I love the photos and am happy to see the progress being made on the house! Probably not as happy as you are!! Have a blessed week!